Scientists 'locate' intelligence

Sergio Navega snavega at
Wed Aug 2 10:54:09 EST 2000

MS wrote in message ...
>It sounds like a premature generalization to say that because several tasks
>activated one area that it validates a g-factor of intelligence.  Given the
>role of working memory across complex tasks and the importance of
>dorsolateral PFC in working memory, couldn't a working memory impairment
>account for those findings?

I agree. Although I'm sympathetic to the concept of general intelligence,
I don't think we have a specific area of the brain responsible for
it. I think it is premature and somewhat "sensationalistic" to claim
to have found such an area. One of the things we should have in mind
when thinking about brains is that few things are really "concentrated".
Evolution is merciless with everything that is too specific, and
human brains evolved exactly to be adaptive and generic. Plasticity
is the rule.

Sergio Navega.

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