What the Neocortex Does

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> You're missing my point. Symbols are signs. They belong to a countable
> set. Wind-tunnel models can vary continuously (or discontinuously). That
> matters--there are some applications (for example in hydraulic analysis)
> where symbolic modeling encounters an intractable problem, but analog
> modeling works fine.

Keeping in mind that I am still very new to all this, I am not sure I
understand the distinction you are trying to make between "symbolic
modeling" and "analog modeling".  Isn't the comparison of "symbolic" to
"analog" something along the line of a comparison of metrics to precision?

> Why do I care? Disambiguating an acoustic scene
> based on multisensor data is very difficult because of all the ghosts
> that have to be eliminated _sequentially_. Bats do it in real time. How?

This also may sound simplistic, but why sequentially?  Can't the bat focus
on specific acoustic patterns?  They do possess the potential for handling
pattern recognition and pattern definition.  And, they also possess the
potential for focused attention.

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