Fw: What the Neocortex Does

Ron Blue rcb5 at msn.com
Thu Aug 3 18:23:59 EST 2000

Non-symbolic and symbolic are incorrect terms to describe what is occurring.
One/many dichotomies, figure/background, and oscillon/wavelet global
systemic memory are
more correct in describing what is happening.  If this approach interest you
read Correlational Opponent Processing at http://www.turn.to/ai
Ron Blue

> >> Harry Erwin wrote in message
<1eeoeeq.1l5du7o1hdv8vwN%herwin at gmu.edu>...
> >> >I'm beginning to suspect a primary function of the neocortex is the
> >> >maintenance of a non-symbolic, dynamic model of the environment. The
> >> >evidence seems fairly strong that bats live mostly in such a model
> >> >(Griffin, 1958), and the difficulty we have training bats to use
> >> >symbolic representations (yes/no tokens) in communicating with us,
> >> >suggests that their internal model is non-symbolic, possibly like the
> >> >analog models used in some contexts like wind tunnels and floatation
> >> >tanks.
> >> >
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