What the Neocortex Does

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> I don't know if its extravagant, but I fail to see your confidence that a
> computer can truly simulate brain function. I'm not even sure that
> transmit information or bits or whatever, I'm more enclined to some
> 'ensemble' of neurones creating the symbols or representations. I don't
> know, and I can't find enough support to suggest that brains are just
> computational devices; there appears to be something else again. I can't
> separate memory from cognition, but AI seems to operate on the assumption
> that in brains these are separate functions.
> I remain confused, but this is an interesting thread.

Dr. Susan Greenfield of Oxford has written several excellent books
on the brain for the popular press, might I suggest 2 aspirin and a
good healthy read to alleviate your symptoms. Oh, and a good
spell checker might help as well.


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