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> Yet another example of the man keeping us down.
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> > Dear People,
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> > Neuroscience may be a nice endeavour, but the fun stops when it is used
> > to hold one class of people down. Psychiatry has been trying to reduce
> > the problems of borderline, shizophrenic, depressive etc. people to
> > biological markers in the brain. The pharmaceutical industry produces
> > one mind altering chemical after an other.
> >
> > we, a group of psychiatric survivors spoeak out against the forced
> > drugging of our people.
> >
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> > happy surfing..
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Yeah, the only reason psychiatrists give out these drugs is to turn you 
into worker drones, an enslaved population working for the "NWO" to 
accomplish the tripartisan commission's global domination goals.

But then again, I have never met a psychiatrist who had an army of 
worker drones. They would save a lot of money and time sending in NIH 
grants and recruiting undergrads to work as techs and grad students as 
interns to treat their overloaded schedules. 

The fact is, people come to psychologists and psychiatrists for help, 
not the other way around.  Although there are examples of forced 
drugging, these are not the representative sample...


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