Scientists 'locate' intelligence

Oliver Sparrow ohgs at
Mon Aug 7 04:27:06 EST 2000

"MS" <marshmallow5 at> wrote:

>It sounds like a premature generalization to say that because several tasks
>activated one area that it validates a g-factor of intelligence.

Indeed. A recent meta-survey suggests that there are three factors which
drop out of assessments of human capabilities: symbolic intelligence
(closely linked to G), creative intelligence and practical-social skill.
The three are orthogonal in the human population: you can be high or low on
any one without this being a predictor of your position on the others. A
person in the top 1% of the population on e.g. symbolic intelligence would
rarely be in the top 1% of the others, and indeed only one person in a
million of the population could be expected to be in such a situation. This
may explain much that one observes amongst one's colleagues. :)

Oliver Sparrow

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