Does this newsgroup practice censorship?

Mark D. Morin mdmpsyd at
Tue Aug 8 04:42:48 EST 2000

Gary Forbis wrote:

> Several articles were exchanged under the subject
> "What the Neocortex Does."  The articles were cossposted to
> both and bionet.neuroscience.
> Unlike several other threads that have been crossposted to these
> two groups, all of the articles under the given subject have been
> deleted from the bionet.neuroscience and my two contributions
> have been deleted from as well.  I've reposted
> my last article twice and it has been deleted twice.  I suspect my
> latest repost will be deleted as well.
> I don't understand why these articles have been deleted when articles
> such as "Play FREE Lotto Online..." remain.  I don't visit this newsgroup
> very often and my articles wouldn't have appeared here had they not
> been replies to crossposted articles.
> I'm sorry for this off topic article but I'd like to understand what is going
> on and why.
> Thanks.

Since this isn't a moderated group, I don't know how that censoring process would
take place. You could certainly look for cancels and see if any were issued for
your posts--there may be a bot out there programmed to cancel your posts; I find
that unlikely.

What is more probable is that there is something misconfigured at MSN's end.
MSN's news support would be the first place to look.


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