Can a Web site in Cyberspace hypnotize its visitors?

Mentifex mentifex at
Sun Aug 13 04:56:48 EST 2000

"Relax... You are falling into a deep, deep sleep...."
Well, you know the drill: inducing a hypnotic trance.

Nel mezzo del camin di nostra websurfing mi ritrovai par -- a futuristic Web site.

A bizarre animation was playing there of two human eyes
either moving far apart or moving towards the visitor --
as an inducement or advertisement for an educational site, : The Double Helix Science Club.

The narrow band of the human forehead showing the moving eyes
instantly set off warning bells that maybe this Web site was
trying to hypnotize whoever stared too long at the animation.

Here v.t.y. Mentifex must reveal that he was once almost fired
from an Amiga computer sales job for mentioning to customers
a rumor that the Amiga monitor had been known to bring about
epileptic seizures by dint of flicker for susceptible humans.
(The owner of the business took a not flickering but dim view
of saying anything negative about the Amiga, especially that
you could buy one and then experience an epileptic seizure.)

And we all remember the not-so-long-ago TV commercials in
Japan that flickered so rapidly that they caused seizures.

Mentifex here has been called an "ignorant boob" recently
on Usenet for not knowing about the DYnamic LANguage Dylan,
so once again this post may be a re-tread of common knowledge,
but I got's to know, so please make my day:

Can an animated Web site induce a hypnotic trance?

If yes, can there be "Manchurian Candidate" websites that
hypnotize, brainwash, and mind-control unsuspecting visitors?

Now, let's not hear any calls to shut the entire Web down,
but A:) Is Web hypnosis possible?  and B:)  Know any URLs?

-- : Metempsychosis

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