My daughter

jim segebart jimseg at
Mon Aug 14 09:27:42 EST 2000

My daughter has severe pain in her Tailbone for the past 2 years. She
cannot sit more than 15 minutes.  She has seen 4 ortho doctors, several
MD's and a pain thearprist. They cannot find the sourse for the pain. 
She has had MRI and several x-rays.  I saw a tv report on r. Tony
Venbrux of John Hopkins and wondered if he would be able to help my
daughter if she would write or see him.  Thank you very much for you
help in this matter.   Sandi Segebart, 126 Brenda Lane, MBG, Pa 17061
My daughter is Chris Foraker, 112 Pearl St. MBG, Pa 17061, her phone is
(717) 692-5068. She is 30 years of age.   Again thank you.


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