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>> >3. How could the planets have an effect on my brain that could shape 
> >personality?
> I have no answer to that.  But the accuracy that a birth chart has 
> suggests (to
> me, at least) that something causal is happening.

I've read several studies based on sidereal astrology that consistently 
fail to show validity and therefore are also unreliable. Anectodal 
evidence aside, science has failed to support any causal relation 
between heavenly bodies and human behavior.

> >4. What is a 'correpondence' in your view?
> An analog I guess is a better word.  In this case, like an ' as above, so
> below' type of thing.  Jupiter in the sky and frontal lobe in someone's 
> head.  

I still miss something about the Jupiter in the sky and the frontal 
lobe. Do you mean like gives rise to like? 

> It might be foolish to think that it's all so cut -and -dried.  I guess 
> another
> question I could ask is if you were convinced of such a connection 
> between the
> planets and a person's psychology what might you attribute it to?

Astrologists suggested that gravitational attraction might be an 
explanation. The problem with that thinking is (1) no relation has been 
established (Until that happens a scientist is obligated in some sense 
to NOT proceed.), (2) gravity can be calculated among the planets and my 
body (The person sitting next to me as a greater gravitational effect 
than the planets.). So, how would a person be convinced of such a 
connection? I had my chart done by a competent, certified astrologist, 
well trained in California. She said many wonderful things about me (All 
true, I might add.), but they are also true about most people I know.

Interesting information! Thanks for you time.

J Lee

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