Substances affecting hippocampal activity.

Bill Skaggs skaggs at
Wed Aug 16 13:49:02 EST 2000

Michael Jameson <m.jameson at> writes:

> I'm trying to learn a little about hippocampal activity with respect to
> memory. I have some understanding of the role of glucorticosteroids but
> do not yet have much information on ACTH, oxytocin or other substances
> which I understand might be relevant. Can anyone suggest any web-based
> resources where I could begin to learn about the function of various
> native substances in memory, specifically in their role within the
> hippocampus? It is a challenge  for me to access libraries and
> bookstores but if there was one 'best' reference book (or article)
> recommended I would be able to get hold of it eventually.

I don't know of a good recent review, but here's what I
would do.  Go to the BioMedNet web site ( and
register -- it's free right now.  This will let you do a
MedLine search for relevant papers, and in many cases
read their abstracts.  You may even be able to download
some useful papers, though this involves subscribing
a paying a fee for a lot of them.

	-- Bill

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