neuroanatomy of personality thru astrology

Ashlesha 9 ashlesha9 at
Thu Aug 17 02:21:03 EST 2000

>I've read several studies based on sidereal astrology 

Why did you ask what sidereal astrology was then?  Incidentally, I'd like to
read them, are they online?

>evidence aside, science has failed to support any causal relation 
>between heavenly bodies and human behavior.

Do you really think anyone takes it seriously enough to try?  It should be
psychologists if anyone who test its validity and they're as suspicious of it
as most other scientific people are.

>I still miss something about the Jupiter in the sky and the frontal 
>lobe. Do you mean like gives rise to like? 

When Jupiter is in Aries, the person seems to make impulsive and enthusiastic
judgements and speculations, when in Taurus, judgements and speculations are
performed in a casual and pragmatic manner, and so on for each of the signs. 
These things are clearly observable in people.  I don't know how else to say
it.  I don't know how the information is communicated to the individual from
the planet, but I don't know a lot of things.

>Astrologists suggested that gravitational attraction might be an 

That's a pretty weak suggestion.  It shown to be false in a single sentence,
that doesn't mean there are no other explanations.
>1) no relation has been 
>established (Until that happens a scientist is obligated in some sense 
>to NOT proceed.),

That's silly.  If the effects are observable in human behavior, a scientist
could ignore the cause of those effects until a later time when they may
eventually become clear. A lot, maybe most, of science begins by observing an
interesting effect and then seeking out its cause.  

>(The person sitting next to me as a greater gravitational effect 
>than the planets.)

I know.
>. So, how would a person be convinced of such a 

I told you I wasn't trying to convince you of a connection.  I was asking for
help in guessing, hypothetically, what neural mechanisms might give rise to 
hypothetical effects.  Sheesh.

>She said many wonderful things about me (All 
>true, I might add.)

Did she tell you you're an idiot?  Just kidding.  I'm just feeling hurt and


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