What the Neocortex Does

Bill Skaggs skaggs at bns.pitt.edu
Sun Aug 20 09:34:22 EST 2000

"Ray Scanlon" <rscanlon at wsg.net> writes:

> This paragraph leaves me confused. Neuroscientists and cognitive scientists
> should not appear in the same sentence anymore than paleontologists and
> creation scientists should. The neuroscientist studies the nervous system,
> the cognitive scientist studies the soul (mind). The only neuroscientists
> who consider the soul (mind) are a quirky few who look for the NCC (the
> neural correlate of consciousness.

As a member of the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition (a joint
program of the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon
University, comprising 115 faculty, staff, and graduate students), I
find these statements somewhat puzzling.  I would say that your 
"quirky few" amount to a couple thousand at least.

	-- Bill

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