neuroanatomy of personality thru astrology

Ashlesha 9 ashlesha9 at
Mon Aug 21 15:51:01 EST 2000

>I'm trying to understand, but we are coming from different traditions.

I'm american ( swedish/ italian descent), not hindu, if that's what you're
thinking.  I took ashlesha as a name b/c its related to my astrology chart.

I still think we're on different pages here.  I don't know how the planets
affect the brain. I've tried to understand it but no easy explanation seems to
One promising idea is this:  the signs/ constellations are placed in the sky as

                     aquarius  /\  capricorn
               pisces                  sagittarius
     aries                                     scorpio
     taurus                                   libra
               gemini                   virgo
                        cancer  leo


Each line has two signs which have similar characteristics or natures (aries/
scorpio are both rash and impulsive;  gemini/ virgo are both diverse and
intellectual...) and the arrowhead points in the direction that the solar
system is moving in its rotation about the galactic center.  So there is a
symmetry (of sign nature) around the direction of motion.  
All stars in the direction of capricorn/ aquarius are blue-shifted, i.e. moving
towards earth, all stars in the direction of cancer/ leo are red-shifted, i.e.
moving away.  The signs in between transition in stepwise fashion from blue to
red shifts, just like the natures which correspond to the signs transition
stepwise from cold and impersonal to warm hearted.  Maybe the astrological
effect has something to do with these electromagnetic shifts.
  But the electro magnetic energy would have to be able to penetrate the earth
since many planets in astrology charts are positioned below the horizons.  I
think only chargeless particles like neutrinos can penetrate that much matter. 
So...I'm stumped.
An incomplete explanation but its a start...  At least you can see some
potential for a causal relationship, right?

If I do a chart for you and point out at least one prominent characteristic of
the person, would you be willing to ignore the lack of explanation and instead
focus on how the brain might be expressing the sign natures through its own
If so, send accurate time (to the minute if possible, anything over an hour of
uncertainty will affect the charts accuracy) place and date for yourself or
someone you know well and I'll get back to you in a day or two.

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