What the Neocortex Does

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> But than again, what is thinking?
> An activity of the soul purely, you would seem to say, and thus
> your own statements, as you would say, come from naught.

Thinking is the continuing activity of the neurons of the forebrain when
incoming signal energy is halted in the thalamus at the medial and lateral
geniculate bodies and the ventrobasal complex. Simultaneously, motor
programs are halted at the ventral anterior and ventral lateral nuclei on
their way to the motor cortex. This description hardly involves the soul
(mind), so I am at a loss to understand what lead you to say I ascribe
thinking to the soul (mind),. Just how and why the thalamic reticular
nucleus initiates this interruption and why it later allows this energy to
proceed is part of the discussion on my web page.

I've wasted too much time now responding to your
> response- just what a good troll such as yourself would have wanted, I
> assume!

I do not troll. I may irritate and inflame, but that is bound to happen
whenever one questions another's native metaphysics.


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