Scientists 'locate' intelligence

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Tue Aug 22 09:14:37 EST 2000

mejqb at wrote:
> It would help if you would actually *read* the thread once
> in a while:
>    "
>    Scientists measuring blood flow to regions of the brain have found
>    that one particular area (the frontal lateral cortex) was stimulated
>    when performing complex tasks. Even tasks that required a wide range
>    of cognitive functions did not stimulate numerous regions of the
>    brain, as some scientists predicted. This finding gives credence to
>    the highly controversial idea of a "g" factor (generalized
>    intelligence), as advocated in The Bell Curve.
>    "

Although the first post is not of any special importance, it is simply
an article in a 'newspaper'.
The main part to my opinion would be that what has triggered the big
conversation about it.
The question, I mean.


Who want's to be first?

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