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> What's fascinating for me is the endurance of dogmas which insist
> in avoiding thinking about good points of other conflicting arguments.

What fascinates me is intellectually dishonest dunderheads like
you who deflect criticism of something stupid they say by pointing to
something *else* they said that wasn't entirely stupid.  This seems
to be a matter of being unable to separate *arguers* from *arguments*.
That I don't comment everything you say does not mean that
I avoid "thinking about" them or that I have conflicting views.  Sheesh.

> So what is being discovered is that brains are not general purpose
> organs, but neither fully determined. They are complex systems,
> built from general genetic guidances but strongly subject to
> the self-organizing effect of impinging stimuli.

This is vague enough to qualify as motherhood and apple pie.
Meanwhile, the topic of the thread is localization of activity
in one part of the brain being taken as validation of a
notion of "general intelligence" in individuals, a notion that you
say you are "sympathetic to", while the notion, developed by Spearman,
is only valid when applied statistically to groups.  I.e., the subject
line is totally bogus pseudo-science, an invalid inference from the
evidence presented.

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