What the Neocortex Does

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>    Your theory of the brain is OK, but the critical part concerning AI and
> particulary comp.ai.philosophy
>    is the question on your Webpage:
>    "What is thought except a movement that is not connected to a motor
>     The answer is:
>     "Thought is something to think about".

It is the religionists who "think about thinking".

The whole purpose of my little exercise was to show how a motor program
could be stopped en route and never arrive at the motor neurons. This to be
done with what I call Science, that is to remove God (soul, mind) from the

When this is done, the religionists are free to debate on how these actions
of the neurons are related to the experiences of the soul (mind).

In my opinion, when the neuroscientists have worked out the brain, Science
will be seen to have culminated in this final assault on the physical world.
Religion will become more important in the form of philosophy.


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