What the Neocortex Does

James Hunter James.Hunter at Jhuapl.edu
Tue Aug 22 21:27:15 EST 2000

Ray Scanlon wrote:

> "James Hunter" <James.Hunter at Jhuapl.edu> wrote in message
> news:39A2FFDA.A3D11391 at Jhuapl.edu...
> >    Your theory of the brain is OK, but the critical part concerning AI and
> > particulary comp.ai.philosophy
> >    is the question on your Webpage:
> >
> >    "What is thought except a movement that is not connected to a motor
> neuron?"
> >
> >     The answer is:
> >
> >     "Thought is something to think about".
> It is the religionists who "think about thinking".

   Not really. "thinking about thinking" is fine, normal, everyday
   logic, if you *terminate* it. Turing machines, finite algorithms
   all come in that category.

> The whole purpose of my little exercise was to show how a motor program
> could be stopped en route and never arrive at the motor neurons. This to be
> done with what I call Science, that is to remove God (soul, mind) from the
> machine.
> When this is done, the religionists are free to debate on how these actions
> of the neurons are related to the experiences of the soul (mind).
> In my opinion, when the neuroscientists have worked out the brain, Science
> will be seen to have culminated in this final assault on the physical world.
> Religion will become more important in the form of philosophy.

   It not really a science though, it's more of an engineering issue.

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