Scientists 'locate' intelligence

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> > > Thursday, July 20, 2000, 22:01:22 pdt
> > > Scientists measuring blood flow to regions of the brain have found
> that
> > > one particular area (the frontal lateral cortex) was stimulated when
> > > performing complex tasks. Even tasks that required a wide range of
> > > cognitive functions did not stimulate numerous regions of the brain,
> as
> > > some scientists predicted. This finding gives credence to the highly
> > > controversial idea of a "g" factor (generalized intelligence), as
> > > advocated in The Bell Curve.
> >
> > Only a fool would think so. How big's your front lateral cortex?
> The "g factor" is a statistical artifact of covariant analysis
> of IQ test scores.  While the view that it is a manifestation
> of an underlying biological mechanism, championed by Arthur Jensen
> over the last 30 years, is subject to debate, the idea that localized
> brain activity in response to solving problems that are highly
> correlated to the g-factor indicates that the g-factor is biologically
> reified is laughably dumb, utterly confusing not only correlation with
> cause but also measurement with mechanism.  Several studies show that
> people with higher IQs require show less change in brain activity
> when solving problems.  The intelligence obviously does not reside in
> the change in brain activity itself.

I didn't really make myself clear. This is basically what I was getting at.

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