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	           The International Journal on the Biology of Stress


Aims and Scope
The journal Stress aims to provide scientists involved in basic stress
research with the possibility of reading a more integrated view of the
field. Peer reviewed papers, invited reviews and short communications will
deal with interdisciplinary aspects of stress in terms of the physiological
activity, its regulation and factors affecting such regulation.
Stress will publish the latest developments in physiology, neurobiology,
molecular biology, genetics research, immunology, and behavioural studies as
they impact on the understanding of stress and the pathology of stress.
Specific approaches may include transgenic animals, electrophysiology,
histochemistry, neurochemistry, neuroanatomy, endocrinology, autonomic
physiology, immunology, behavioural studies and clinical measures.

Professor J A Russell
Department of Biomedical Sciences
University of Edinburgh Medical School
George Square
Edinburgh EH8 9XD

Fax: +44 (0)131 651 1727
Email: stress at

Editorial Board 
Greti Aguilera  		 	NICHD-NIH, USA
Huda Akil        			University of Michigan,USA
Luciano Angelucci		Universita "La Sapienza", Italy
Bela Bohus		    		University of Groningen, The
George P. Chrousos  	NICHD-NIH, USA
Mary F. Dalman		University of California at San Francisco, USA
Robert Dantzer			NRA-INSERM U 259, France
George Fink			Pharmos Ltd, Israel
John Funder			Baker Medical Research Unit, Australia
David S. Goldstein		NINDS-NIH, USA
Florian Holsboer		Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Germany
Colin Ingram			University of Bristol, UK
Marian Joels			University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Richard Kvetnansky	Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovak Republic
Rainer Landgraf		Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Germany
Seymour Levine		University of Delaware, USA
Stafford Lightman		University of Bristol, UK
Kei-ichiro Maeda		Nagoya University, Japan
Michael Meaney		Douglas Hospital Research Center, Canada
Bruce S. McEwan		Rockefeller University, USA
Robert Murison		Bergen University, Norway
Toshiharu Nagatsu		Fujita Health University, Japan
Benjamin H. Natelson	New Jersey Medical School, USA
Miklos Palkovits		Semmelweis University Medical School,
Donald W. Pfaff			Rockefeller University, USA
Paul M. Plotsky		Emory University School of Medicine, USA
Esther Sabban			New York Medical College, USA
Robert Sapolsky		University of Stanford, USA
Paul E. Sawchenko		Salk Institute, USA
Günther Schütz		German Cancer Research Centre, Germany
K.V. Sudakov			Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Russia
Kirstin Uvnas-Moberg	Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Michael J. Zigmond	University of Pittsburgh, USA    
Submission of Manuscripts
Three copies of each paper should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief ( for
address, see above). Authors may also submit papers electronically through
the  Stress website at
Except for short communications and reviews, each paper should be presented
in the following order: 
1) Abstract
2) Keywords
3) Introduction
4) Materials and methods
5) Results
6) Discussion
7) Acknowledgements
8) References
9) Table and figure captions

Experiments on humans and animals

Authors muct follow the International Statutes on human and animal
experiments. All experiments on human subjects must be conducted in
accordance with the declaration of Helsinki. Manuscripts must be accompanied
by a statement that all procedures were carried out with the written consent
of the subjects. All animal experiments must be carried out in accordance
with the UK Animals ( Scientific Procedures) Act, 1986, and the associated
guidelines, the European Communities Council Directives of 24 November 1986
(86/609/EEC) or the National Institute of Health Guide for the Care and Use
of Laboratory ASnimals ( NIH Publications No. 80 23, revised 1978)

For further details on manuscript submission, visit the Stress website ( see
above) , or contact naomi.chapman at

Contents of Most Recent Issue
Volume 3/3 , May 2000

REVIEW: Corticosterone Effects on BDNF Expression in the Hippocampus
Implications for Memory  Formation M.J.M. Schaaf, E.R. de Kloet and
Androgens are Neuroprotective in the Dentate Gyrus of Adrenalectomized
Female Rats Cheryl  A. Frye and Cheryl M. McCormick
Immobilization-Induced Glutamate Efflux in Medical Prefrontal Cortex:
Blockade by (+)-MK-801, a Selective NMDA Receptor Antagonist M. Steciuk, M.
Kram, G.L. Kramer and F. Petty
Substance P Is Involved in Terminating the Hypothalamo-Pituitary-Adrenal
Axis Response to Acute Stress Through Centrally Located Neurokinin-1
David S. Jessop, Derek Renshaw, Phillip J. Larsen, Hardial S. Chowdrey and
Michael S. Harbuz
Long Lasting Increase in Nociceptive Threshold Induced in Mice by Forced
Swimming: Involvement of an Endorphinergic Mechanism C. Suaudeau and J.
Psychosocial Stress and HPA Functioning: No Evidence for Reduced Resilience
in Healthy Elderly Men  Brigitte M. Kudielka, Astrid K. Schmidt-Reinwald,
Dirk H. Hellhammer, Thomas Schürmayer and Clemens Kirschbaum
Galectin-3 Decreases in Mice Exposed to Immobilization Stress Jerka Dumic,
Karmela Barisic, Mirna Flögel and Gordon Lauc
The Influence of Hypothermic Stress on the Redox State of Glucocorticoid
Receptor Danka Elez, Stojko Vidovic and Gordana Matic
Glucocorticoid Receptor Interaction with Hsp90 Remains Unaltered After Whole
Body Hyperthermia A. Cvoro and G. Matic

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