an ALS Hypothesis - extended to all 'abnormal' neural atrophy

kenneth Collins kpaulc at
Wed Feb 2 18:03:14 EST 2000

dag.stenberg at wrote:
> kenneth Collins <kpaulc at> wrote:
> > .... even while 'profit'-seekers have been
> > rampantly 'borrowing' bits and pieces of NTD (which it's, now, become
> > apparent to me, that True significance of which is not comprehended, and
> > so what's been 'borrowed' can have only been ab-used).
> I do not really believe a word of that profit-seeker stuff and the
> borrowing stuff. I call for an ablution of that delusion.

there's much more to the 'profit'-seeking stuff than i've allowed myself
to discuss online. it, in fact, involves primarily fields of 'endeavor'
that are not the province of this NG.

there's no 'delusion'. i can =Demonstrate= the actuality inherent in the
stuff i address, but, because of the Ethics to which i adhere, am bound
to 'hold open the door', and the only way that i can foresee in which a
complete account of all that's entailed will be delivered is if i'm
forced to take an Oath in Court of Law.

however, it's becoming clear to me that one result of my trying to 'hold
the door open' is that folks who've been Victimized by the efforts to
Censor NDT's stuff have considered my 'cryptic' comments to be directed
'at them'. this is not the case.

folks in Neuroscience do not have access to NDT's understanding because
the understanding has been deliberately withheld from them through the
actions of folks who've sought to 'profit' from the understanding, and
to protect their abilities to 'profit' from the understanding by
actively withholding the understanding from others, including
Neuroscience Professionals.

K. P. COllins

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