Autonomic Nervous System

Jeffrey Peter, M.D. kidsdoc2000 at
Sun Feb 13 16:19:09 EST 2000

wayne wrote in message ...
>Around four years ago, I developed a couple ruptured disks in my cervical
>spine. At the same time I began having numerous simple partial seizures.
>Though I have always had a slight problem with Tourettes syndrome, or
>movement disorder, this became very pronounced. As I've mentioned here
>before, I also became extremely emotional.

Perhaps stress because of the ruptured disks is related to the increase in

You need to see a neurologist for the anwers to your questions.

>    Especially without knowledge that there is a cervical spine injury
>involved, these things become very complex and are soon beyond the
>comprehension of most doctors, who immediately jump to the conclusion that
>its all due to emotional problems. Give 'em Prozac and send them on their

That is why you need to see a neurologist.

>    However, I have learned that the autonomic nervous system can become
>messed up due to spinal cord injury, especially in the neck. I now believe
>that, besides all the other symptoms, seizures can be caused by autonomic
>nerve problems and/or head and neck injuries. I am wondering if Tourgettes
>can be caused by injuries to the autonomic nervous system. I might soon
>some first hand experience, for I think my neurosurgeon is about to repair
>the ruptured disk in my neck. I can then report any changes in seizure and
>Tourettes activity.

Talk to a psychiatrist or a neurologist. A neuropsychologist might be able
to thelp.
>    Any comments would be appreciated.

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