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kenneth Collins kpaulc at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 3 14:40:28 EST 2000

last night, i got out my "En Twi de Mala" video tape (a PBS Special on
Lions and Hyenias) to view it again, and ended up viewing the whole
tape. it was from 1992, the year Howard Cosell retired (i Cheered his
standing by Muhamed Ali when he was being 'busted' re. his Conscientious
Objector status during the Viet Nam War. Cosell was quite a Spectacular
Fellow. a Visionary.)

anyway, two other things that were on the tape are useful with respect
to folks' coming to understand the circumstances i've experienced. they
were two more PBS specials. both extraordinarily-well-done.

one was on the building of the Brooklyn Bridge. Washington Roebling,
Chief Engineer. Same-Stuff.

the other was on early Radio.

Howard Armstrong's Great work (regeneration, superheterodyne, frequency
modulation) was stolen during his Life's 'time', for the same reasons my
work has been stolen.

the only difference is, i Chose not to Patent my work because i saw that
i was Obligated to Give it away, on behalf of Human Understanding.

i Accepted this Obligation, but my Right to Give my work away was Stolen
from me for the same reasons that Armstrong's work, which he did Patent,
was stolen from him.

'profits' and so-called "national security", both of which, 'blindly',
"don't give a damn" with respect to Truth and Justice.

but, in the case of NDT's and TH's stuff, the theft's 'profits' and the
theft's 'augmentation' of National Security are both Illusory.
there'd've been far-greater 'profits' if the work hadn't been stolen,
and National Security would've been tremendously better-served if the
work had not been stolen.

the net result of the theft has been that i've been, largely,
'silenced', relative to what would've, otherwise, been the case.

the result has been that there's been needless death and destruction all
over the place, and the Future of Humanity is at-risk in needless ways.

all for the sake of 'profits', in one form or another.

i understand that, at least some folks, now realize their errors, and
that they're trying to redress such.

to them i say, while i Stand-Against the inJustice inherent, nothing on
the 'profits' side need be redressed as far as i'm concerned.

it's the devastation that's been, needlessly, inflicted upon Humanity,
and upon the Citizenry of the United States of America, in particular,
that needs to be redressed.

i do, however, suggest that the Censorship that's been imposed upon me
be lifted, so that i'll be able to do what needs to be done.

it wasn't folks that erred, at least for the most-part.

it was the "Beast", Abstract Ignorance, that had folks in its grasp, and
which imposed its non-mercy upon, and through, them.

Big Difference.

the "Beast" Dictated to folks that they "must" do, to me, the Same-Stuff
that the "Beast" Dictated to other folks that they "must" do to the
Native Americans and to Human Beings of color.

which is why my Standing-With the 'down-trodden' has grown ever-more

i Know their (our) Sorrow.

anyway, if anyone wants the insights, viewing these two Excellent PBS
series will provide them with such.

ken (K. P. Collins)

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