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Hippocampal Function

John Hasenkam johnhkm at netsprint.net.au
Tue Jan 4 03:39:50 EST 2000

Hear ye! Hear ye! The once resolute Dag is no more, cut down by the KPC
Phenomenon. KPCP, beats MPTP for neurotoxicity anytime in any brain.

Get out while you can Dag, you know what stress can do. Desensitisies your
5HT hippocampal receptors. Hiho, hiho, its off to apoptosis we go. Drives
you bloody balmy it does mate.

You have persevered too long with this wanton creature of uncouth
intellectual predilections, save your neurons for death by drowning
(alcohol). Now there's a rub: my father drank like a fish until he died at
70 from pancreatitis complications (alcohol in the extreme basically) yet
his memory was great up until a week of his death. Got me beat, they say
this, I see that, what do I know?

It is with some satisfaction that I note yet another victim to KPC. Eric was
right, this must be a game.
Currently Ken's posts are coloured on my newsreader (if only I could paint
it black), with the reload I haven't killfiled him yet. Hmmm, to see and
wonder. How about Dead Souls Ken?

Someone take these dreams away
That Point me to another day
The stretch of true reality
Dead souls keep calling me.

Joy Division, Dead Souls (song), 1981

Go there, you'll enjoy it. If you want to be black then be a black hole.
Done it many times, fixes the problem. You haven't gone far enough yet. Loss
of nerve? Did I not tell you months ago: just accept the fact that your life
is meaningless then go out and live a lie. I think I've read too much Zen
... .

I noted your earlier question to one of my posts but unfortunately lost my
usenet over the last week or so. Can't find the post, if important please
forward and I will provide ref whatever. I think it related to whether I was
expressing a personal opinion\ hunch or my statement reflected something in
the text I quoted. I began with "My bet is ... " That means I'm guessing
because I never bet.

Dammit I hate this world,

John's back.
"The most manifest sign of wisdom is enduring cheerfulness."

<dag.stenberg at helsinki.nospam.fi> wrote in message
news:84r13v$ej5$4 at oravannahka.helsinki.fi...
> dag.stenberg at helsinki.nospam.fi wrote:
> > Sue me, if t5hat is the only productine action you are capable of
> I dropped some orange juice (lashed) into my keyboard. Cleared up
> tomorrow, I hope.
> DS

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