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Mind a no-brainer?

kenneth Collins kpaulc at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 4 04:13:40 EST 2000

damscot at my-deja.com wrote:

> >[...]

> First, I don't believe that "the brain " in any way
> perceives itself as mind" at all. I did not state that it does. On the
> contrary, I said: "If it did ..., then ..." a contradiction results.
> Lets try again. Let's say the brain does generate the mind; and that
> mind then correctly perceives the brain which creates it.
> If this were true, then the brain would actually perceive itself (via
> the mind which it generates.) This is what I mean by (directly). But,
> again (if Kant is right

'right' about what, in particular?

>), the mind would not know the truth about its
> own brain which it perceives. Thus, in this sense, the mind must view
> itself to be independent of it's brain. But we (our minds) already said
> that it depends upon the brain for its very existance. Thus, it appears
> we have some sort of inherent contradiction.

i don't see this particular 'contradicton'.

as Rudolfo Llinas says (paraphrase), "The universe is so big and the
brain is so small."

in other words, there's more in the Universe than there is in any brain.

it's 'just' that both Universe and brain are rigorously-coupled to the
same thing, the one-way flow of energy from order to disorder that is
what's described by 2nd Thermo (wdb2t).

so, although the brain is completely-dependent upon receiving the
energy-flow that comes to it from the external environment, the brain,
nevertheless, 'perceives' what's in the subset of the universal
energy-flow that it receives.

where folks get 'crossed-up' is in their 'thinking' that the subset of
the universal energy-flow that they do 'receive' is 'all there is'
within the Universe, even to the point of Ravaging others whose
different 'perceptions' result from their having received different
subsets of the universal energy-flow.

Fixing this, and Eliminating its needless Ravaging of Humanity, are what
Neuroscientific Duality Theory (NDT) is all about.

although experiencing all of the universal energy-flow is Impossible for
individuals' brains, NDT shows, nevertheless, that individuals' brains
are rigorously-coupled with the entirety of the universal energy-flow,
and, to the degree one does, in fact, experience the universal
energy-flow, one is able to 'perceive' Truth.

with respect to the position you've stated, the thing that Matters (as
i've discussed in former msgs, and reiterated above) is the Generality
of individuals' brains' experiencing of the universal energy-flow.

such Generality can be relatively-Maximized through individuals' ranging
widely within their experiential external environments.

but 'Mind' is what results, 'regardless' of the degree to which
individuals actually do range widely within their experiential external

'Minds' that result from ranging widely within individuals' experiential
external environments 'contain' more information pertaining to the
universal energy-flow than do 'Minds' that range narrowly within
experiential external environments, but both 'types' remain the
one-and-the-same-but-nevertheless-different thing, 'Mind'.

therein, exists a 'Contradiction', but it's a surmountable one.

in an absence of understanding of how nervous systems
process-information, it's this,
'one-and-the-same-but-nevertheless-different', stuff that 'precipitates'
Humanity's Ravaging of itself.

"NDT's" understanding Fixes and Eliminates such be-cause "NDT's"
understanding is a 'window' through which a relatively-Generalized
subset of the universal energy-flow can pass into brains, allowing each
one-and-the-same-but-nevertheless-different 'Mind' stuff to exist within
individuals' brains, with the 'one-and-the-same' gaining behavioral
precedence with respect to the 'but-nevertheless-different'.

"NDT's" understanding eliminates the Illusory 'Contradiction'.

there's no 'magic' in-it.

"NDT's" understanding 'just' allows brains to understand how brains
'decide' with respect to 'Ravaging'.

"NDT's" understanding 'just' does this by 'reducing' brain function to
TD E/I-minimization, which is stuff that's relatively-Generalized with
respect to the universal energy-flow.

that is, TD E/I-minimization is the experientially-independent
'one-and-the-same' stuff that enables brains' neural
information-processing dynamics to Transcend the
'but-nevertheless-different' stuff.

it's TD E/I-minimization that brains 'Love', =not= any particulars
inherent in this or that TD E/I-minimized neural information-processing

TD E/I(min) is that to which Jesus referred when He said (paraphrase),
"Love God. Love neighbor." by "turning the other cheek, going the extra
mile, and giving 'em your shirt, too" (which is why i used quotes around
'"NDT's" [understanding]', above).

if one "Loves" another, it's inherent in one's behavior that one's
behavior will actively assist the other's nervous system to achieve TD
E/I-minimization, 'regardless' of the behavioral particulars involved.

what does that mean?

to examine things at-extrema, consider, for instance, any Dictator's
giving of himself over to the Ravaging of Humanity.

are folks to "Love" such Dictators because all their brains are doing is
'striving' to achieve TD E/I(min)?

nope, be-cause such Contradicts Humanity-Generalized TD
E/I-minimization, the Necessity of which derives in the wide-ranging
'perception' of the universal energy-flow that was described above.

so Love Requires folks to 'Reprove' behavior to the degree that the
behavior Contradicts Humanity-Generalized TD E/I-minimization.

Failing to do so, in order to allow individuals to experience
relatively-short-term TD E/I-minimization is the Sham-'love' of
"expedience", which is actually one-and-the-same with Hate, be-cause
Sham-'love' actively 'encourages' individuals to 'move away from'
Generalized TD E/I-minimization... which is what happened to Hitler, and
the folks who got caught-up in the relatively-short-term TD
E/I-minimization that accompanied his rise to 'power'. it's what
happened to Mussolini. it's what happened to Idi Amin. it's what
happened to the 'Soviet Union' under Stalin. it's what happened to Great
Britain in the American Revolution. it's what happened to the imposers
of 'Apartheid' in South Africa. it's what happened to Japan in WWII.
it's what happened, and what continues to happen, in North Korea.

it's what will happen in India and Pakistan if each 'nuclear' power
continues to opt for relatively-localized TD E/I-minimization over
relatively-Generalized TD E/I-minimization.

it's what =ALWAYS= happens to folks who disregard Humanity-Generalized
TD E/I-minimization.

it's why i Choose to use seemingly-Hard words while addressing folks i

which is why i Acknowledge Jesus' Priority.

i use the same 'Hard' words that Jesus used be-cause they were (are)
=Generalized= with respect to TD E/I-minimization =across Humanity=.

there is a 'Catch', though.

it is that within nervous systems of individuals who've not ranged
widely within the universal energy-flow, the thing that's =Generalized=
with respect to TD E/I-minimization =across Humanity= will tend,
strongly, to elevate TD E/I over the short-term.

and such will tend to elicit Ravaging behaviors within nervous systems
that are not Generalized with respect to TD E/I-minimization across

with respect to such, Obligation falls to nervous systems that are
relatively Generalized with respect to TD E/I-minimization across
Humanity, be-cause, since nervous systems that are not Generalized with
respect to TD E/I-minimization across Humanity cannot even 'perceive'
that which is Generalized with respect to TD E/I-minimization across
Humanity, if the former don't meet the Obligation in their nervous
systems' being Generalized with respect to TD E/I-minimization across
Humanity, TD E/I-minimization that's Generalized across Humanity =will
not= be achieved, and the same, old, Ravaging 'song' will continue on as
the 'Anthem' of 'humanity'.

despite the fact that the Loving Thing often gets one killed, it's still
the Loving Thing.

there's 'humor' in-it.

within the 'perceptions' that can occur within nervous systems that're
not Generalized with respect to TD E/I-minimization across Humanity,
Good is treated as 'Bad'.

so the thing to do is to open the 'door' through which the 'Light' of TD
E/I-minimization that's Generalized across Humanity can Enter.

Discernment of Truth with respect to the seemingly-'same' 'fates' of
Ravagers and Anti-Ravagers, relative to that which each actually does,
exists in comprehending Humanity-Generalized TD E/I-minimization, and
doing what needs to be done in order to Facilitate such, despite the

Discernment of Truth is not for the 'faint-hearted'.

K. P. Collins [Deo Gratias]


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