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Neurogenesis & global neural plasticity via topologically-distributed activation-dependence

kenneth Collins kpaulc at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 6 11:03:53 EST 2000

kenneth Collins wrote:
> i've 'stumbled' into a 'War'.
> i =Hate= 'War', so i'll End it.
> kenneth Collins wrote:
> >
> > kenneth Collins wrote:
> >[...]
> > > neural genesis is =Necessarily= governed by the same mechanisms that
> > > govern all non-neural-genesis trophic dynamics, so, except in instances
> > > of organic damage (disease & mechanical lesions) it's flat-out
> > > impossible for neural genesis to 'disrupt' anything.
> why is neural genesis is =Necessarily= governed by the same mechanisms
> that govern all non-neural-genesis trophic dynamics?
> be-cause absent the rigorous governance of TD E/I-minimized
> activation-dependence, neural plasticity is =IMPOSSIBLE=, be-cause the
> only alternative means of achieving 'plasticity' would be through
> so-called 'molecular markers' which would necessarily be
> 'genetically'-coded, which would mean that all experiential
> possibilities would have to be 'genetically'-predetermined so that this
> or that 'molecular marker' could be 'activated' so that the neural
> trorphy it 'coded' could occur, which would mean that adaptability
> ('learning') could only occur on an evolutionary 'time'-scale, which
> would mean that we'd all have to have huge, muscular bodies to carry
> around our great block-heads, which would have to be block-head-large so
> as to hold the cells that'd contain all of the 'molecular-marker' stuff
> that'd be necessary to primitively 'encode' neural 'plasticity'
> sufficiently with respect to the infinities with which the problem of
> routine survival confronts us routinely.
> and even with our greatly-cumbersome noggins, if anything simultaneously
> novel and life-threatening occurred, 'humans' would be 'goners.
> more on this 'War'-stuff below.
> > while out on a job hunt this morning, i stopped into a good Library and
> > read a bit.
> >
> > one of the things i skimmed was "Functional integration of neural grafts
> > in Parkinson's Disease", by R. A. Barker and S. B. Dunnett, _Nature
> > Neuroscience_, vol 2, no. 12, Dec, 1999, p 1047.
> whoops! that was the publication's synopsis-take on the actual research
> article which is, "Dopamine release from nigral transplants visualized
> in vivo in a Parkinson's patient", by P. Piccini, et. al., p1137.
> my comments remain the same, except as noted below.
> first thing, the use of tissue taken from Aborted Fetuses is UnEthical,
> and UnAcceptable.
> there's a biotech business opportunity in this for folks clever enough
> to work donated stem cells into correlated nigral tissue, and that's the
> only Ethical way in which the Sorrowful Needs of Parkinson's Sufferers
> can be met.
> Get to-it!
> this 'moving away from' Truth that Human Life begins at conception must
> be at an end, because it, simultaneously, 'moves away from' the
> Excellent Rationale upon which Sanctions =all= Medical intervention.
> think about it.
> the Rationale upon which all of Medicine is founded is that it's OK to
> do such and such because doing such and such will Save a Life.
> this Rationale is what permits Researchers to hunt for, and discover,
> treatments that Medical Doctors can use. It's what enables Surgeons to
> cut into the Human body. it's what makes it Acceptable for a Patient to
> receive Medical Intervention in the very stuff of her/his Life.
> and the Destruction of Human Life is 'just' the opposite of this
> Rationale which Underpins all of Medicine.
> it's Clear-Cut.
> Destroying Human Life simultaneously Destroys the Rationale upon which
> all of Medicine is Founded.
> is the Hippocratic Oath's Sanctioning 'Important'?
> Look-and-See, it is, for without it, anyone can do anything to anyone,
> and all they have to do is point-out the 'fact' that the State
> 'Sanctions' what they did because State'Sanctioned' Destruction of Human
> Life is =all-inclusive= with respect to that which one 'human being' can
> do to another Human Being.
> "Yeah, but Medical Doctors are licensed"...?
> the stuff of Medical License Derives =exclusively= in the Sanction that
> is rigorously-coupled to the Saving of Life.
> it's an either-or thing.
> Sanction to Save Life be-cause Life is Saved, or none of either.
> there's the Hippocratic Oath or the "hypocrit's oath, and Nothing
> in-between.
> for those who 'knee-jerk' with respect to such, think some more.
> Human sexuality is Wonderous stuff that actually physically reconfigures
> nervous systems in ways that bind a man and woman together so that, when
> things get 'difficult', they can endure.
> but when sex becomes 'trivial', such physical reconfiguration becomes a
> "house divided against itself".
> 'casual sex' results in the dilution of the physical reconfiguration of
> nervous systems that bind men and women, and Families, together.
> "throw such out" for 'casual sex'?
> such doesn't compute.
> > this article discusses how it's been confirmed that, in one case, 10
> > years after grafting of aborted-fetal tissue, the grafted tissue does
> > possess synaptic functionality.
> >
> > the tissue was transplanted unilaterally into one [putamen].
> > since, as is discussed in AoK, Ap5, the basal ganglia are a supersystem
> > configuration mechanism, transplant into them is correlated to the
> > dynamics of supersystem configuration.
> >
> > it would be interesting to know, in detail, about pre-transplant and
> > post-transplant "memory" retrieval, and post-transplant functionality
> > 'ramping', if any.
> the article describes a 3-year 'ramping' [HURRAH+++***!!!]
> > because the basal ganglia are supersystem configuration mechanisms,
> > which function in accord with global TD E/I-minimization, NDT holds that
> > there should've been an observable 'ramping-up' to TD E/I-minimized
> > supersystem configurations, as what was intact within the supersystem
> > (AoK's term for the collection of 'systems' that is the nervous system)
> > exerted its 'biological mass' (AoK, Ap5) upon basal ganglia neural
> > activation 'states'.
> the article describes a 3-year 'ramping' [HURRAH+++***!!!]
> > such would gradually bring the transplanted tissue's functioning 'up to
> > speed' relative to organically-'normal' (non-operated) tissue, as the
> > 'normal' 'state' is converged upon ('replicated'), as is discussed in
> > AoK, Ap9.
> the article describes a 3-year 'ramping' [HURRAH+++***!!!]
> but the above was not the stuff of the 'War'. i came across that stuff
> in the same issue of _Nature Neuroscience_, in an article, "Development
> of ocular dominance columns in the absence of retinal input", by J. C.
> Crowley and L. C. Katz, p1125.
> it's not my 'War', but, on reading the article, it became
> immediately-clear to me that there is a 'War' that's been going-on, of
> which i was unaware before reading this article. (Most of why i've not
> allowed myself to read in the Neuroscience stacks has been because i
> wanted to give folks the opportunity to get things sorted-out without
> interference from me.)
> the Authors argue (=my= summary) that evidence they've accumulated, via
> the elimination of retinal inputs, supports the view that the formation
> of ocular-cominance columns in visual cortex 'must' be mediated by
> 'molecular markers' because, after the elimination of retinal inputs to
> the lateral geniculae, the formation of the ocular dominance columns,
> nevertheless occurs relatively 'normally', 'and so', it 'cannot be
> dependent upon activation-dependence'.
> for those who want to check it out, see the discussion of the superior
> colliculus on p189ff of _The Human Nervous System_, by R. Nieuwenhuys,
> J. Voogd, C. van Huijzen, Third Revised Edition, © 1978-1988,
> Springer-Verlag, ISBN: 0-387-13441-7. (see, also, the rest of this fine
> text.)
> visual, auditory, and somatosensory activation is all
> topologically-mapped in the superior colliculi, which project to the
> Pulvanar (thalamus), which projects to the lateral geniculate and to
> primary visual cortex (areas 17, 18, 19).
> the superior colliculi also project to several brain stem reticular
> nuclei, which, as is discussed in AoK,  through relays, elevate TD E/I
> globally, to the cerrebellum, and down to spinal levels from which
> activation flows back to thalamus to cortex, with TD E/I-minimization as
> is discussed in AoK.
> now, for folks who still have the little QBASIC Information Calculus
> program that i posted a while back, fire it up and study the
> relative-motion dynamics of the 2nd Derivative.
> these relative-motion dynamics, which are discussed as 'sliding fields'
> in AoK, Ap6, are the stuff through which the cortical 'columns' (and
> 'stripes') are formed =throughout= cortex.

i left some stuff out (because it's all so familiar to me, my PTOFA [in
NDT, "Prejudice TOward the FAmiliar; pronounced "too' - fa"] resulted in
me failing to realize that other folks are unlikely to comprehend the
stuff i was discussing), so i'll go over that stuff, briefly, here.

the relative-motion dynamics, pointed out above, and demonstrated in the
little InfoCalc QBASIC program, are internal-activation the result of
=all= orientation. when one moves one's arm, for instance, the motion
vector 'slides' across subcortical and cortical somatotopical 'maps'.

=all= effector-driving results in the same sort of thing, and be-cause
of the physical energy-flow dynamic that is what's been referred to as
'gravity' establishes, and maintains, a least-action 'energy-well', all
such neural-activation dynamics 'hover', topologically, around
'center-points', which are the centers of 'cortical columns'.

these dynamics are depicted vividly in the InfoCalc QBASIC program's 2nd
Derivative functionality, which encapsulates the relative-motion
dynamics as they occur between just two of the maps that are
incorporated in visual information-processing. (see "Thinking about the
brain", by F. R. C. Crick in the Sept., 1979 issue of _Scientific

as embryonic, fetal, and post-natal, development occur, with
'phantom-limb' and plastic taking-over of deinervated cortex
demonstrating that the same stuff proceeds right into and
relatively-through adulthood (when injury survival is possible), the
'sliding fields' (AoK, Ap6) that 'hover' around physical-energy-flow
'center-points' form the topologically-distributed 'cortical collumns',
'ocular-dominance columns' (finally learned how to spell "ocular" :-)
and 'stripes', and all such 'topologically-distributed, center-focused'
features of the Neuroanatomy.

it's a set of things that's similar to the result of a Child's care-free
finger-painting, with both hands 'just' doing what comes
most-naturally... 'going' around in 'circles'. if dolops of various
paint colors are distributed on the Child's finger-painting surface,
their mixtures are analogous to the 'summing' of correlated neural
dynamics that occurs within the functional Neuroanatomy as a result of
the topologically-distributed self-'centering' neural-activation
dynamics that are being discussed.

the development of 'orientation-preference columns' results from these
same globally-topologically-distributed neural-activation dynamics, and
is just as easy to comprehend.

such 'preference' that was first demonstrated by Hubel and Wiesel
(again, see the Sept., 1979 issue of _SA_), follows from the
establishing of topologically-distributed somatotopic 'maps', which are,
themselves, TD E/I-minimized Neuroanatomical distributions, and the
physical-ordering 'principle' that results from the energy-flow (see
Tapered Harmony) that is what's been referred to as 'gravity'. [this is
all testable in the so-called 'weightlessness' of extra-terrestial
'space', and should be confirmable via embrionic-development data that's
=already= been collected on shuttle missions. so-called 'weightlessness'
relatively-'eliminates' the least-action-energy-flow-'well'
physical-ordering 'principle' that results from the action of that which
has been referred to as 'gravity'. as a result, departure from 'normal'
structural order should be apparent in the shuttle embryonic-development

> so, even if visual inputs are eliminated, whenever there's sound or
> somatosensation, nerual activation occurs in the superior colliculi
> that's relayed to the visual cortex.
> destroy the superior colliculi, and you'll still get cortical 'columns',
> all via activation-dependent trophic dynamics.

that such is True results from the Awesomely-tight global integration
that exists within nervous systems.

failure of this or that 'sub-system' alters net neural dynamics, but
be-cause of the Awesome global integration, stuff like the formation and
maintenance and plasticity of 'cortical columns' still receives neural
activation that's sufficient.

more 'added' discussion, below.

> all of this, and much more, is discussed in AoK. See Ap6 in particular.
> what's my 'point'?
> folks who don't 'bother' to learn the integrated functioning of the
> Neuroanatomy produce B. S.
> with respect to this 'Nurture/Nature' stuff, Carla Shatz and her
> Colleagues got it Right.
> the 'War' is Ended.
> K. P. Collins
> [P. S. why am i so Offensive? it's simple. since 1980, i've been able to
> do the same with any B. S. 'neuroscience' article that i came across in
> the stacks. i've been =Really= Trying to be Gentle, never breathing a
> word with respect to such, beyond what's already clearly-stated in AoK,
> in the Hope that folks'd just meet with me, in some quiet place, so that
> i could communicate the understanding to them with respect to their
> specializations. but all that's happened is that Jackasses have
> Run-Amok, heaping-up more and more B. S., while the folks who are
> supporting Neuroscientific endeavor through their Taxes, have been left
> waiting and wanting, and being Ravaged.
> the whole Stupidity involved is epitomized in an Editorial that appears
> in the same issue of Nature Neuroscience: "Stockpiling PhDs for the new
> millenium", p1039, which actually advocates encouraging students to
> 'move away from' Neuroscience.
> Truth is, the Future of Humanity =NEEDS= every good mind that can do,
> and wants to do, Neuroscience, and if folks'd just do Neuroscience
> instead of 'stockpiling' B. S., there'd be funding enough to reward all
> that can, in fact, do Neuroscience.
> after all, we must "Teach the Children Well", and that's a
> forever-needing-to-be-renewed Obligation.
> i =Apologize= for my Offensiveness. Further Delay is Unconscionable.
> this said, I found, while spending some hours with the Dec., 1999 issue
> of _Nature Neuroscience_, which is the only issue of the publication
> that i've ever looked into, that it is the best such publication that
> i've encountered, and, within my means to get to a copy of it, plan to
> study it routinely for my foreseeable future.
> so, folks should come to terms with the globally-integrated functional
> Neuroanatomy, and eliminate the B. S., or i'll Fulfill my Obligation to
> Science, and do the latter for folks.
> how can a man, that no one will even talk to, do things in any other
> way?
> should i have written this msg without pointing out the B. S.?
> that's what i've been doing for 29 years, isn't it?
> Yes.
> All the while being forced to Watch as Innocents have been Ravaged,
> while folks upon whom they rely 'seek profits' and produce B. S.
> "Enough." (Yitshak Rabin)
> Me Too. K. P. Collins]

it goes on Forever, in the way that's discussed above...
=Awesome-Infinities=, that go right into the Hearts of Physics and
Chemistry, Renewing those Sciences in their Entireties... which is why
there'll =ALWAYS= be work for folks who wish to pursue Neuroscience.

the stuff of Neuroscience is Rigorously-Coupled to the entirety of the
Universe. Study Neuroscience, come to Know the Universe.

it hurts so much to have had to address such Awesome-Wonder Stuff as i
have in 'this' msg.

i started weeping while copying the articles in Bass Hall, and haven't
ceased such since, my tears chilling my face as i walked, this a.m., to
the Corner Store to purchase the morning's News... "It's so cold out, my
eyes are watering."

Oh, my Jesus,

Forgive us our sins.

Save us from the fires of Hell.

And lead all Souls to Heaven,

especially those in most-need of Your Mercy.

K. P. Collins [noting that everything Good & Worthy begins, and grows,
in Individual Hearts, Gloriously-Possessing Free Will, Derived in the
physically-Unalterable Independence that is the energy-flow Consequence
of Human Life, and that what is,results from how such
In-Individual-Hearts Stuff is Nurtured. the "fires of Hell" and the Joy
of Heaven begin in the same 'place', for the same Reason. Leaders Know
the Difference, and how to Proceed with respect to such. Remember such
as you consider your vote in this 'Political' season, because the
year-we-have-left that i 'spoke' to folks about, ~a year ago, has come
and gone. the 'Fate' of Humanity will follow as Humanity either 'moves
toward', or 'moves away from, Truth.

Choose Well. KPC]

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