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Mind a no-brainer?

damscot at my-deja.com damscot at my-deja.com
Thu Jan 6 13:27:28 EST 2000

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> > According to most Monist researchers, it seems, all mental
> > of objective reality and conception occurs within the "brain".
> I can't think of anything I perceive _without_ using my brain.
> >But I
> > say they are wrong!
> What are you experiencing that is not first interpreted by your brain?
> >My thoughts, like a Cartesian Dualist, go like this:
> > If Monists were right, then any brain would then be both objective
> > and functionally generative of its own subjective mind, if it had
> Well, there's been a lot of very interesting writing over the
> generated by exactly this concept. You've rather pegged the bit most
> find interesting about it.
> > That is, the brain itself would have to directly perceive and yet
> > subsume itself as mind, and thus be both subjective/superior and
> > objective/inferior at the same time - which seems obviously
> > contradictory - and therefore, impossible.
> Paradox has very little to do with impossibility, beyond the strictly
> causational macro world. I don't find the concept above any more
> than the fact that all perception must take place through the senses,
> producing a world interpretation composed of interpretation of sensory
> input, therefore taking place picoseconds after the fact and
filtered, which
> has been pointed out by many neuroscientists, philosophers, etc.,
> essentially to mean that the universe, which contains mind, is, to us,
> contained within mind. I find this a perfectly graspable idea, and
have yet
> to think of anything which to me contradicts it. It is important not
> confuse the map with the territory.
> --Katrina
How do you reconcile contradiction with possibility? By definition,
they are opposites, aren't they? For example, I know that light
properties "seem" to be paradoxical, but they are not really. Because
waves and particles are not mutually exclusive entities, just different
apspects. If they were exclusive then light would be impossible.

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