Neurogenesis & global neural plasticity via topologically-distributed activation-dependence

kenneth Collins kpaulc at
Fri Jan 7 21:21:56 EST 2000

the dynamics that're transpiring are so Sorrow-filled.

'knees-jerking' all over the place.

kenneth Collins wrote:

> there's no 'mystery' here. it's all an interaction of body-orientation
> =mechanics= with neural-activation dynamics. where the energy-flow that
> is what's been referred to as 'gravity' comes into play is via the
> stereotypically-repetitive =mechanics= that 'gravity' imposes on bodily
> motion, including orientation.
> when one walks, for instance, one's arms 'hover' around the position
> that's least energy consuming with respect to 'gravity', so the
> correlated neural trophic dynamics 'hover' around the correlated
> least-action (TD E/I-minimized) 'state.
> the same occurs in-utero be-cause 'gravity' always acts toward the
> center of Earth, so even though a fetus has 'freedom' to to orient
> within the birth fluid, the early effector activations are all subjected
> to "gravity'" single force vector. this means that, despite fetal
> orientation in the womb, 

=given= the "special topological homeomorphism" of the nervous system
(AoK, 'short paper')

>effector activations that oppose 'gravity' will
> be qualitatively-'opposite' effector activations that 'go-with'
> 'gravity'.

within the "special topological homeomorphism" of the nervous system.

> such yields the same 'centering' dynamics that were discussed
> previously, and precipitate the same 'hovering' of neural activation
> 'states' that result in the development of 'cortical columnar'
> structure.

everything was Verified decades ago.

it's sorrowfully-'hilarious'.

'no one' will receive a presentation because 'everyone' prefers the old
Ignorance to Truth.

when a developing fetus is 'free' to orient in the womb this way and
that, how can there be anything that's the 'opposite' of anything else
with respect to 'gravity'?

be-cause of the "special topological homeomorphism" of the nervous
system, which has been described in AoK all along.

is there any small group of folks who do not 'Love' Ignorance more than
they Love Understanding?

what's so heart-breaking is when i see 'celebrations' of Ignorance such
as occurred this day.

'everyone' thinks i'm 'out to get' them, when all i'm doing is lifting
folks up out of the Ignorance that's Ravaged Humanity since the

i'll continue, even in the face of such 'blood-thirsty celebrations'
which  'blindly' Worship that which maintains their 'blindness'.

i mean no 'offense'. i'm just trying to 'put a face' on Abstract
Ignorance, the absence of understanding of how nervous systems
process-information via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization in
nervous systems which, nevertheless, process-information via

it hurts like Hell to be the one who must stand 'on the other side of'
folks' affective-Inversion with respect to the understanding.

it's a 'place' of continuous 'Scourging'.

and the one who 'stands there', so stands as a 'bloody' mess, with folks
finding only 'great amusement' in their affectively-Inverted view.

this is, BTW, the 'same' thing that happened to Jesus. [=DO NOT= Ab-Use
my saying this, which i =must= say in order to give folks what's
necessary to understand both what happened to Jesus, and how Great was
Jesus' Love for Humanity. =DO NOT= Ab-Use my saying this. 'Attack me.
but =DO NOT= Attack Jesus because, since the opportunity to give insight
to the dynamics has arisen, i've Chosen to 'lift the veil' from the
dynamics that underpinned His Crucifixion. it wasn't 'the Jews' who
Crucified Jesus. it was the same "Beast", Abstract Ignorance, that
leaves me a 'bloody-mess' because i, too, Love you. Think about it.]

K. P. Collins

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