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Professional recognition of inclined bedrest

Andrew K Fletcher gravitystudy at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 8 08:07:27 EST 2000

Professional recognition of inclined bedrest for people with multiple
sclerosis at last.


Dr Dudley Delaney has written a new book and including inclined bedrest as a
therapy for people with multiple sclerosis on page 85. Title: The Edgar
Cayce Way Of
Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis: ISBN Number )-9657903-4-7 (pbk.): $10.95
Published by Meridian Publications P.O. Box 7987, Hampton, VA2366.
Email from Dr Delany
Dear Andrew,
I will send you a copy of my book (I mention the possible benefits of
elevating the head of one's bed on page 85).
"...get plenty of sleep, and avoid stress, heat, viral infections, and
overexertion. In addition, you might also consider elevating the head of
your bed 6" to 8"
This is an important development and will undoubtedly pave the way for more
professional interest in our study!

New Email address for Study Information: Gravity at bun.com

A Liquorice Story

As a youngster, I had on occasions chewed liquorice root, so when I saw some
in an Indian Corner Shop in the West Midlands, I decided to have another
chew of this vague memory.
Since I was about 20 years young, I have suffered considerable discomfort
with excess acid and two years ago diagnosed myself as having the Hellico
Bug in my stomach. The huge dose of antibiotics cleared it up, but caused
me several other problems. Gradually my acid problems returned, with some
minor improvements overall. A slice of toast in the morning was enough to
cause me discomfort.
On arrival at home in Devon, I chewed a bit of the liquorice root and went
about my daily routines. It was not until the next evening and a few more
small bits of the root, that I realised my acid problems had vanished. It
did not take me long to realise that the only change I had made to my diet
was the liquorice root. So having chewed things over for a while, I
mentioned my experience to a learned friend, and asked if she knew anything
this. She said that she had no knowledge of the root, other than chewing it
as a child and thought that her husband should try it as they both have
digestive problems similar to my own. I then said that I would look it up on
the Internet to see if there was a connection, and sure enough it was there
in black and white! Used as an effective treatment for stomach and
gastro-intestinal ulcer. It apparently releases estrogens into the body,
coats the gut and intestines in a protective jelly and inhibits the acid
production of the stomach. It is also used for arthritic conditions, period
and ovulation problems, a cancer-inhibiting agent, and is even being tested
for the treatment of auto-immune disorders including aids. Yet another
remedy from nature!
The chance of stumbling across this wander drug was incredibly slim, and
this brings me to the point of this posting.
Why did I have to find this by chance? It should have been readily available
to my GP but as yet I have not found anyone who knows of its value in
medicine, anywhere other than the Internet. What an incredible source of
information we have at our finger tips in the comfort of our own home. More
powerful than I can imagine, that's for sure!
The problem with liquorice root is that it costs around a £1.00 for a bundle
that will last you months, so the likelihood of developing huge amounts of
profit from such a cheep but effective cure for stomach problems is pretty
remote. No doubt it has been used for several thousands of years, yet my GP
and I were oblivious to its properties?
But what has this to do with our study I here you ask?
Everything, Is the simple answer ! A year ago, a lady who I have helped
sent me a photograph of a painting of an Egyptian bed, and several other
beds from Icons of the formerYugoslavia. To my astonishment the beds were
all obviously inclined. The Egyptian bed showed clearly that the head end
legs were higher than the foot end legs, representing the shape of a lion's
limbs. Clearly history tells us something, yet there is no reference to the
Within our study we have already seen that many people are benefiting
from sleeping inclined. The messages on our message board are predominantly
positive and confirm this.They certainly reflect the pilot study results so
far and hopefully we will
see more postings in the new Millennium. If you have not already done so
please find a few minutes to visit the message board.
If we are to make this simple intervention available for everyone in the new
millenium we need to
make this study count! We need your help to do this, so if you have not
already done so please send in your progress reports. If you cant remember
dates, don't worry, send in a simple before and after report using numbered
/ bulleted points and an estimate at when changes took place.
If you discontinued or did not try this, could you please send me your
reasons so that I can learn from them?
Publicity is the key to our success. I urge you to bring this study to the
attention of anyone you think might be interested in helping us to reach
more people be it someone you know, a consultant-neurologist or your GP. A
society, perhaps a local news paper or a local or national TV station. If
you could
post your results on the message board it would greatly aid
this study. You will make a difference!

Thank you

Kind regards

Andrew K Fletcher


Message Board Title:    "INCLINED TO SLEEP INCLINED"

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