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Mind a no-brainer?

patrik bagge patrik-b at online.no
Sun Jan 9 16:35:32 EST 2000

The most interesting thought I can think of right now! However,
your "self-modifying system of wetware" Mind description, as it were,
runs a close second place in my estimation. Did you coin it yourself?
I love the "wetware" part of it.

thanks, actually i don't remember where i picked it up..

I am comming from Computer Science
where I once (years ago) designed a Universal Turing machine computer
comprised only of a self-modifying non-volatile memory system. The
memory cells themselves did not change in macro, of course, but rather
merely their electromagnetc states. I wonder where that physical
hardware is today? I'll bet its last "state" is still preserved, even
though the HW assembly itself has long since disintegrated.

interesting, i'm a R&D kind of fellow myself, interested in AI
Tell me some more about your project(s) if you will.

one wonders how long our thoughts, as expressed here and elsewhere will
be preserved, for instance, our posts in Deja's memory banks? Likewise,
If fixed thoughts (memories) are really just brain neural net states,
one might think those states should still exist even after their host
neural interconnects disconnect. Of course our state "signals", though
everlasting, probably get lost eventually in the "noise" of universal
background radiation anyway. :)

hmm, that was a new one, the 'space' is full of our thoughts.
The EEG analysis is improving by the day, so we will probably
be wearing shielded hats soon.
I did a one point pickup of my 'thoughts' , just for fun, when
i was in the EMC chambers, quite messy, i'll tellya.
Like observing a zillion non-stable radiostations.
I made some hasty attempts correlating the signal to
active thought, without any success, i might add...


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