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Mind a no-brainer?

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Tue Jan 11 01:23:49 EST 2000

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  "Etaoin Shrdlu" <cooper17.spamless at xs4all.nl> wrote:
Don wrote: > > How do you reconcile contradiction with possibility?
Katrina wrote:
> I simply do not find contradiction or impossibility in the idea that
> person's universe is contained entirely within each person's mind by
dint of
> first being interpreted by it before it can be perceived and yet
> it because the physical brain is contained within the physical

Sorry, I can't follow the above. Too many "it"s in series with unclear

Try reading "Goedel, Escher, Bach" by Hofstadter, "The dancing Wu Li
> (forget who wrote that) and some of Robert Anton Wilson's nonfiction.
> can help get a good perspective on the concept.
Thanks, I read GEB, but not Wilson, I'll read his next.
> What do _you_ think is
> happening, by the way, if not the above?
> --Katrina
I don't know about what is above, but I believe 'each person's
universe' is none other than all that which one perceives. Still, such
is not the same as the 'physical (external) universe' which exists but
cannot be known. As I understand it, this is the prevailing accepted
view. However, I don't see how we can be sure that this model is
correct. If, as agreed, we can't trust our sensory data's validity, how
do we know that we even have senses? All sensory organs being external
to the mind? To illustrate the problem; I tried to draw a
functional/physical block diagram of the mind/brain/sensors model, but
I did not know where to draw the boundaries. Do you know of any such
diagram, a widely accepted one?
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