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kenneth Collins kpaulc at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 14 01:32:13 EST 2000

to my Native American Brothers and Sisters:

=Please= Correct me =immediately= if i transgress your Religious Belief
in what i post here.

i am not aware of the extent to which it's find structure is, in fact,
preserved, but depending on that, if, before you inter it, the brain of
the Native American who was referred to as "Ishy" by White People is
carefully sectioned, within it's fine structure, there will be a 'map'
that will disclose some of the History that this Man Lived, and it's

this information is exceedingly-Valuable with respect to the Travail of
the Native Americans, and, if it is allowable within your Sacred
Traditions, gaining the information contained within the remains of the
brain of this Native American Man would serve Truth well.

it would be as if this Man's Spirit can, even now, reach out to
Humanity, and Testify to Truth.

this said, i must leave you to decide on your own, within the
Obligations that fall to you with respect to your Sacred Traditions.

in Truth, i must say that i'm not certain i would allow this procedure
with respect to my own brain. but i am trivial. the Sorrow of the Native
Americans is Great, and that is why i reach out to you to inform you
that this opportunity to preserve the 'record' contained within this
Native American's brain is available to you.

in sectioning, the material of the brain is thinly sliced, and chemical
procedures are used to highlight various features of the brain's

although the procedures would render it not-whole, it has already been
separated from the Man's body, and i expect that you can expect that the
researchers who would do this 'mapping' would be willing to carefully
preserve all of the material of the brain so that it could be intered at

Please Forgive me if, in suggesting that this 'mapping' be done, i have
Transgressed your Sacred Traditions.

it is in my Heart to help assure that the Travail of Native American
People is Honored Truthfully.

K. P. Collins

kenneth Collins wrote:
> the 1Jan & 8Jan, 2000 issues of _Science News_ are =loaded= with
> Excellent Stuff, and i encourage folks to check them out.
> perhaps i'll comment on their contents at a later date, but, just-now,
> i've got my hands-full with the task of holding together my 'heart'.
> i'll comment, here, on one article that embraces what's True, "Ishi's
> Long Road Home; A California Indian's preserved brain accentuates his
> tragic, mysterious life", by B. Bower, _Science News_, 8Jan2000, p24.
> http://www.sciencenews.org/20000108/bob1.asp
> _Science News_ is such a Woderful source because it's read by so many
> Young Folks, and i Encourage my Colleagues in Science to be in contact
> with folks at _SN_ with respect to the work that they do, so that Young
> Folks can receive the Benefit of insights into their work that, through
> its ongoing contacts with Researchers, _SN_ works to provide.
> K. P. Collins

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