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Neuron-glia interaction

kenneth Collins kpaulc at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 14 03:47:08 EST 2000

BTW, the neuralglia 'memory' hypothesis was in my Master's Thesis
Proposal entitled, "A Computerized Model of a Proposed Holographic
Memory Process", for which i received an A- from my Professor (Sullivan)
at Springfield College.

the thesis never made it beyond that 32 page proposal because, for
reasons i've discussed in the past in this NG, i resigned my teaching
fellowship, and terminated my participation in the Master's Degree

i can post some of the diagrams that i drew to convey the essence of the
glial dynamics, if that'd help.

[if i seem 'hard', with respect to this matter, it's because there's a
'history' of my being treated as if i never did the work. but i did it.
doing it almost killed me. and i've all the documentation, but, while
folks make these 'accusations', no one ever 'bothers' to look at the
documentation. all of that 'hardens' a man when it goes on from 1975 to
2000. it just doesn't seem 'Fair' that a man has to endure
'accusations', such as (forgive me) yours, when no one will even bother
to look at the documentation. especially not when one knows what the
cost of the work was (is). there's no balance to it.]

K. P. Collins

kenneth Collins wrote:
> John E Anderson wrote:
> >
> > kenneth Collins wrote:
> > >
> > > there is an electron-microscopy Tour de Force article in _Natur
> > > Neuroscience_, v2 n2, Feb., 1999, p139, "Microdomains for neuron-glia
> > > interaction: parallel fiber signalling to Bergmann glial cells", by J.
> > > Grosche, et. al.
> > >
> > > although it deals with cerebellar fx, the stuff of this article Confirms
> > > NDT's glia hypothesis, as it's briefly discussed in AoK, and which dates
> > > from the mid 1970s.
> >
> > OK, Ken.  How about posting the relevant excerpt of AoK which this
> > publication confirms.  Then those of us with a copy of AoK can check to
> > make sure that it's really there.
> start AoK. click "Index". click "N". click "Neuralglia - Proposed role
> for trophic modification".
> > > what imbues all of this with functionality is it's globally-rigorous
> > > coupling with the 'special topological homeomorphism' of the nervous
> > > system (see AoK), which is, in turn, rigorously-coupled with the
> >
> > Again, quote the relevant excerpt.  Not everybody has a copy of AoK.  Of
> > course, it would be easier if it were posted on the web...
> :-)
> the functionality of the 'special topological homeomorphism' is the
> subject of =all= of AoK, but for one of the dozen or so concise
> statements with respect to it that are in AoK, start AoK. click "Short
> Paper". scroll down to, and click, "minimize".
> AoK is written in a tightly-integrated way that doesn't waste words.
> it's also written in a hierarchical-'level' way, that Honors folks'
> efforts if they Choose to read and study the paper multiple times, and,
> of course, read the refs that are cited in AoK.
> there are =dozens= of such 'levels'. with every reading, if the Reader
> Studies while one reads, with each rereading, the stuff of the next
> hierarchical-'level' 'pops-out'.
> i'll gladly demonstrate in-person, although it takes weeks to work,
> briefly, through all the 'levels' that're in AoK's 114 pages, which
> briefly introduce NDT.
> ken (K. P. Collins)

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