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kenneth Collins kpaulc at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 14 13:13:16 EST 2000

such Neuro-Acheological procedures have functionality that extends
beyone the physical structure of nervous systems.

everything that nervous systems do (all behaviro that's manifested,
etc.) shows the =same= stuff be-cause all of the external stuff derives
in activation-dependent TD E/I-minimization within the internal stuff
within nervous systems.

all of History can be 'mapped', in a highly-disclosing, 'same'-way.

consider, for instance, the dynamics of 'city' creation, development,
transformation, etc.

'urban renewal'? maps with respect to it will show the 'same'
activation-dependent TD E/I-minimization 'traveling' as occurs within
the neural topology of our brains (nervous systems).

how do folks think it is that i =Analyze= 'stock-market' dynamics?


no 'hard feelings', but try to see yourselves through my eyes, a bit.

folks 'think' they're so 'sophistocated', yet, when the behavior of
early 'americans' toward the Native Americans is compared with the
behavior of 'modern americans' toward minorities, it's readily seen that
the 'modern' level of 'sophistocation' remains that of the early

try to see it through my eyes.

it's important to get all of this straight because population
demographics are shifting. (ask folks in South Africa.)

this, too, is all right-in the activation-dependent TD E/I-minimization
'maps', both internal-neurotopological, and external,
of-any-and-all-physically-material kind, all over the place.

i've been =Reading=, =Using=, and documenting, such 'maps' for decades.


K. P. Collins

kenneth Collins wrote:
> BTW, in long-former posts, i've discussed everything that's necessary
> for doing this 'Historical mapping'.
> within the brains of battered and ab-used people, there will be evidence
> of their neural dynamics having 'traveled' into the 'zone of randomness'
> (AoK, Ap4).
> such 'mapping' is well within the range of existing technique.
> it will occur in a way that's analogous to nutrient-determined 'growth
> rings' in trees, but will have a complex topological distribution (and
> the findings that've been reported with respect to the 'accelerated
> aging' of "Dolly", the cloned sheep, leads me to 'speculate' that the
> Historical 'mapping' will, eventually, be extended right down into the
> 'DNA'.)
> if the fine structure of "Ishy's" brain is, in fact, preserved, it will,
> in fact, be as i've discussed.
> it's possible be-cause nervous system fx does, in fact, reduce to
> activation-dependent TD E/I-minimization.
> that the Historical 'mapping' technique is not =already= a standard
> practice is =not= my doing.
> K. P. Collins
> kenneth Collins wrote:
> >
> > to my Native American Brothers and Sisters:
> >[...]

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