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kenneth Collins kpaulc at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 14 22:28:31 EST 2000

i RETRACT as below:

kenneth Collins wrote:

it's 'difficult' for me to do so because the stuff of folks 'Fear' is
superfluous to me, but i RETRACT as below.

> i've made it explicit in the past, but will reiterate here, it's not
> Just, but if i'm just allowed to show folks, in-person, and then just
> 'go away', i'll be able to do such. i'll docuent such as i've documented
> other stuff, in accord with Truth, but who's been 'hurt' by the
> documentation i've done?
> no one.

well, there's been me. i can deal with whatever Consequences come to me
'because' of the work i've done.

but i realized, as i was driving to see _Anna and the King_, that i just
cannot Accept being dealt with Injustly.

to 'condone' and/or 'accept' Injustice =Invites= the recurrence of

so i've realized that i've Erred in the writing of what's quoted above.

i'll stand firm on behalf of Justice.

it's just 'difficult' for me to do so because what i can see, clearly,
that has 'induced' folks to behave unjustly with respect to me, is
Superfluous to me.

i regard the Freedom to =Work= as the only stuff that 'being rich'

the way folks enter into Deception so as to garner 'wealth' or 'power',
or to 'cover their butts' is so Unworthy of the Awesome-Wonder Stuff
that exists within each Human Being, that it only gives me Sorrow when i
experience folks giving themselves over to such.

i detest such because i Understand what all of such has done to

but, despite the fact that all i want for myself is to be =Free= to
Work, so that i can do as much as i can do, it's =Clear= to me that i
Must Stand-Firm on behalf of Justice, lest my 'failure' to do so be
"interpreted' as "my having 'condoned' injustice".

i'll endure the Costs, inherent, as the 'price' demanded of me in order
to Actually-Live the Life that Exists within me, speaking out against
Injustice whenever and wherever i encounter such, doing what i can,

as the American Naval Hero said, "Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead."

me too.

K. P. Collins

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