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an open letter to the President of the United States of America

kenneth Collins kpaulc at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 15 20:20:56 EST 2000

although the Need is increasingly-pressing, i Withdraw my offer, quoted

it's my hope that, iff either Bill Bradley or John McCain is Elected
President, whoever it is that is elected will not delay in arranging for
the security briefing that i addressed in my prior note.

my briefing will be rigorously-delimited with respect to National
Security matters, and will, of course, be solely with respect to
conveying information to which the next President must have access.

although i'm 'leaning' toward Mr. Bradley, i've been able to measure him
as possessing the full-measure of Thoughtfulness that the Presidency
demands, i've not yet reached a Conclusion that favors Mr. Bradley or
Mr. McCain. the rationale that underpins my selection of these two men
is that neither of them is "for sale", and they Honestly have the
interests of This Nation in their Hearts, not just 'expediency' with
respect to 'being elected'. 

[Because Mr. Gore is part of the current Administration, and because, if
he isn't aware of my offer, he is remiss in his Responsibilities to This
Nation, and if he is aware of my offer, since i've received no contact
from the present Administration, he remiss in his Responsibilities to
This Nation, election of Mr. Gore to the Office of the Presidency is

Because Mr. Bush, Jr. has sold himself out to the 'monied classes', with
a Tax position that can only allow fiscal matters to continue their
=long-term= deterioration, election of Mr. Bush, Jr. to the Office of
the Presidency is Untennable.]

if someone other than Mr. Bradley, Mr. McCain, Mr. Gore, or Mr. Bush is
elected, i'll decide, at that juncture, whether or not to convey the
information to which i've unique access.

K. P. Collins

kenneth Collins wrote:
> Mr. President:
> I ask that I be brought in to give a briefing to National Security
> Analysts.
> Folks in attendence should know the Neuroscience, or be capable of
> comprehending it, and include Physicists, Mathematicians and
> broadly-based Analysts.
> While this presentation should be closed to the Public, as in the past,
> I cannot sign any "secrecy" agreements, but it should be obvious to all,
> by now, that I understand the needs inherent, have worked in the best
> interests of Humanity, and will continue to do so.
> The necessity of disclosure is currently extremely-pressing.
> Sincerely,
> K. P. Collins

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