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Special Report: E-Marketing In 2000 - A Winner

jjkancq3f1nkrz5xza at csd.de jjkancq3f1nkrz5xza at csd.de
Tue Jan 18 13:21:30 EST 2000

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S P E C I A L   R E P O R T -

How To Reach Thousands Of Prospects Every Month

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Our research has found that many people have tried one or more of
the following...

Free Classifieds? (They just don't work anymore)
Web Site? (Takes thousands of surfers)
Banners? (Expensive and losing their punch)
E-Zine? (Hope they have a -huge- subscriber list)
Search Engines? (Forget it, unless you're in the top 20)

S O   W H A T   D O E S   W O R K ?

Although often misunderstood, there is one method that has proven
to succeed time-after-time.

E - M A I L   M A R K E T I N G ! !

IT'S A FACT... It was found that if you're not using your
computer to generate income,  GOOD income,  you're leaving money
on the table.

For those not interested in this research, or, if you're
financially independent... just hit delete.

But, "the proof is in the pudding", and if $50,000 to $151,200.00
per year makes you tingle with excitement, then this message is
for you.  Don't worry, this has nothing to do with Gambling, The
Stock Market, Real Estate, or any of the many offers you receive,
this is pure and simple E-MAIL MARKETING...

Here is an example of potential earnings if you have a product or
service that brings you a profit of around $30.  Remember, on the
Internet, you can make money 7 days a week, 24 hours a day...
even while you sleep, orders come from all over the world!

Per Day    Weekly      Monthly      Yearly

1       $  210      $   840      $ 10,080
2          420        1,680        20,160
3          630        2,520        30,240
5        1,050        4,200        50,400
10        2,100        8,400       100,000
15        3,150       12,600   	  151,200

The way to reach thousands of people, generate orders and build
wealth is person-to-person direct - and with that thought comes
two VERY important questions...

1. How do you find the millions of people on the Internet?

2. What are you going to tell them when you do reach them?


M I L L I O N S   V O L U M E   7

***New - 10 Million addresses - Just Released***

The cleanest, most comprehensive e-mail address list in the
world, BAR NONE!  We're proud to offer it.

We took eight (8) computers, worked them nonstop for weeks
gathering Clean - Deliverable - NEW Addresses.  We ended up
with close to 200 (Two Hundred) Million addresses.  WOW!!!

O N E   O F   A   K I N D

This CD is a first.  No one... and we mean NO ONE has put in
the kind of work it takes to produce a CD of this quality.

Remember those 200 million lines of addresses, here's what
we did with them...

1. Cleaned and eliminated all duplicates. This process,
alone, reduced the list into a manageable number.

2. Next, we brought in a filter list of 400+ words/phrases
to clean even more. No addresses with inappropriate or
profane wording survived!

3. Then, a special filter file was used to eliminate the
"Web Poisoned" e-mail addresses from the list.  Our
EXCLUSIVE system reduced these "poison" addresses to near

4. Next we used our private database of thousands of known
"extremists" and kicked off every one we could find.  NOTE:
We maintain the world's largest list of individuals and
groups that are opposed to any kind of commercial
e-marketing... they are gone, nuked!

4. And finally, we sorted the list into easy-to-manage
packets of 20,000 addresses in a simple text (.txt) format.

5. All domains have been verified as valid.  No bogus domains


Volume 7... 10 Million Addresses Strong!

An address list so clean you'll want to take it home to
Mama... Fresh as the morning dew!

N O   B R A G   -   J U S T   F A C T

Getting this CD is equivalent to buying EVERY CD sold by
almost everyone else, combined... EXCEPT - it has been
cleaned and the quality is unsurpassed by any list in

With our super clean lists you'll send less...and get better
results... plus you can start mailing as soon as you receive
your CD!

* Y O U   G E T   W H A T   Y O U   P A Y   F O R *

Our 10 Million, Volume 7, address CD will result in:

* Higher Response Rates
* Higher Sales Conversion Ratios
* More Receptive prospects; Less Flames & Non-Buyers.
* Less Contact With Anti-Commerce Radicals & Extremists.

Remember that potential income chart at the beginning of
this message? Can you imagine the kind of money you could
make if you mailed one million pieces and sold only one
tenth (.01%) of one percent?  You do the math, you'll be

This product will prove to be the best of it's kind compared
to ANY CD in terms of hours and money spent bringing it to
market.  No competitor will ever duplicate the effort and
attention to quality that we put into this superb product.

We've been in the list brokerage business for over 4 years and
we've never compromised on quality, and you can be sure we won't
release any address list until it passes our "high standards"

This is not a rental list that is restricted to a one time
mailing.  You are purchasing the list for your own personal
mailings and may use it over-and-over.

DON'T HESITATE on this offer or you will miss out on the
most effective way to market anywhere...PERIOD!

_/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/

F  R  E  E    B  O  N  U  S  E  S

Order within 72 hours and we'll include the following FREE
Bonuses... we call this our "BUSINESS ON A CD" bonus.

It's sad, but many people purchase address cd's...and then
spend additional hundreds buying the specialized software to
enable them to send their mail out.  Then they have to
search for days-and-months on end to find a product that
will sell on the 'net.

We've solved that problem entirely with our exclusive
"BUSINESS ON A CD" bonus offer:

1. Not one, but *TWO* FREE mailing programs:  "STEALTH" 3.O and
"EXPRESS MAIL SERVER".  These two programs are proven
Professional Mailing Software that have sold for as high as
$499.00 each.  They are not demo's, but the full working versions
that you may license and register in your name.  "Stealth" and
"Express Mail Server" are what the pro's have used for years and
they've been regarded as simply THE BEST in commercial mailing
TECHNICAL SUPPORT, however set-up instructions are included).

2. Every survey has always indicated that the easiest and
most profitable product to sell on the Internet is
INFORMATION!  If you have an "information" type product,
then there is no easier way to become financially

Our "BUSINESS ON A CD" gives you 650 reports/manuals/books
that that are yours to use.  You may instantly start your
"Information Product" business... plus we include a SAMPLE

Just think, you can reproduce a complete book on a floppy
disc in just a few seconds, for around 35 cents.  These are
the same books that have sold for $99.  "Special Reports"
cost you pennies to produce and can be sold for as high as
$15... or the whole group for as high as $140.00.

3. "THE BULK E-MAIL SURVIVAL GUIDE"  A manual/guide that
addresses the Bulk E-Mail business.  Especially useful for
beginners.  "THE BULK E-MAIL SURVIVAL GUIDE" will answer
most of your questions and concerns about Bulk E-Mail.  An
exclusive for our customers... INCLUDED FREE.

4. "LISTMATE" - This is the software the Pro's use to manage
their mailing lists.  We've included two versions, both are
fully functional demo's, the only limit is the file size.

5. "SCIENTIFIC ADVERTISING"!  This is the book that is
responsible for untold millions of dollars in sales and
profits.  Many of today's Internet "gurus" have used this
powerful book as the foundation for marketing courses that
they have written and sold for as much as $495. Marketeer's
that have studied this book have been so deeply inspired,
that it has changed their entire way of doing business, and
they've gone on to make fortunes -- it's yours FREE with
your order!

This "BUSINESS ON A CD" bonus is yours absolutely FREE if
you order within the next 72 hours --- After that...

Poof!... it's gone!

***SPECIAL BONUS***  Order within the next 72 hours and receive
over 300,000 additional cleaned & verified addresses as a prompt
ordering bonus.  Order Now!

_/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/

D O N ' T   H E S I T A T E  on this effective means to get a
jump-start on the new Millennium.  E-Marketing is the most
effective and fastest way to market anywhere... PERIOD!

O R D E R   N O W . . . SAME DAY SERVICE (M-F) if your order
is received before 2pm Pacific.  24hour fax service, just fax
to: 1-435-404-1340

To order, via credit card simply cut/paste and print out the
EZ ORDER FORM below and fax to our office today.

***** MILLIONS CD - Volume 7 *****

***** NOW ONLY $235! *****

This "Special Price" is in effect for the next seven days,
after that we go back to our regular price of $299.00 ...
Don't delay... you can be in business tomorrow!

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Checks by Fax.
Fax your order to: 1-435-404-1340

----------------------Cut & Paste----------------------
---------------------EZ Order Form---------------------

_____Yes! I want everything!  I am ordering within 72 hours.
Include my FREE "Business On A CD" bonus along with your 10
Million Vol. 7 E-Mail address CD (plus 300,000 additional
addresses) for the special price of only $235.00 + s&h.

_____I missed the 72 hour special, but I am ordering Vol. 7,
10 Million, super clean e-mail addresses, within 7 days for the
"special" price of only $235.00 + s&h.

_____Oop's I missed the 72 hour and 7 day "specials".  I am
ordering Vol. 7 at the regular price of $299.00 + s&h.


____I would like to receive my package FedEx OVERNIGHT. I am
including $15 for shipping. (Hawaii & Alaska $20 - Canada $25,
all other International add an *additional* $25 [$40 total] for

____I would like to receive my package FedEx 2 DAY delivery.
I'm including $10 for shipping. (Sorry no Alaska, Hawaii, Canada
or International 2nd day delivery - Continental U.S. shipping
addresses only).

***Please Print Carefully***

NOTE:  Orders cannot be shipped without complete information
including your signature.  No exceptions!


COMPANY NAME____________________________________________

(FedEx can only ship to street addresses - no P.O. boxes)

CITY, STATE, ZIP________________________________________

PHONE NUMBER____________________________________________
(required for shipping & tracking)

EMAIL ADDRESS___________________________________________
(Print Carefully - required in case we have a question and to
send you a confirmation that your order has been shipped)


______VISA _____MASTERCARD _____AMEX

CREDIT CARD# __________________________________________

EXPIRATION DATE________________________________________

NAME ON CARD___________________________________________

TOTAL AMOUNT (Including Shipping): $___________________


(Required) SIGNATURE:x_________________________________
I understand that I am purchasing the Millions Vol. 7 e-mail
address CD, the addresses are not rented, but are mine to use for
my own mailing, over-and-over.  Free bonuses are included, but
cannot be considered part of the financial transaction.  It is
the users responsibility to comply with any laws applicable to
their local area.  As with all software, once opened the CD may
not be returned, however, if found defective it will be replaced
with like product at no charge.

You may fax your order to us at:   1-435-404-1340


Please Note:  Sorry, we can only accept checks drawn on U.S.

If you would like to fax a check, tape your check below and
fax it to our office along with the EZ Order Form to:





If You fax a check, there is no need for you to mail the
original.  We will prepare a one-time draft, with the exact
information on your original check.  All checks will be
held for bank clearance. (7-10 days) Make payable to:

Do not reply to this message -
To register your e-mail address for future removal, visit:

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