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Mon Jan 24 16:09:17 EST 2000

Martin Weber < at> wrote:

> Gotta grow embryonic neurons on coverslips for fluorescence microscopy
> experiments with fura-2 or fluo3. 
> Problems:
> 1) Neurons don't grow very well on (poly-l-ornithine coated) GLASS
> coverslips.
> 2) Some (all???) PLASTIC coverslips show autofluorescence which can
> confuse the fluorescence measurements.

I'm growing embryonic chick-neurons for a project at university and
we're using plastic-plates with four 80 µl wells. After coating them
with p-orn we do a second coating with laminin for at least two hours.
After doing the immunocytochemistry we simply break of the rim of the
plate and...presto. Works great!

bye, Chris
Christian Wilms (cwilms at

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