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New Non-Profit Science Website In Need Of Help

Richard Norman rsnorman at mediaone.net
Tue Jan 25 10:37:27 EST 2000

There is a very strong problem in what you want to do, no
matter how noble the intent.

Professional scientists publish their work specifically in
referreed journals.  That it, the manuscripts are reviewed by
other scientists in the field before publication.  Many submissions
are rejected, even more require editing, perhaps substantial
rewriting, even further research before they are accepted.
This work consitutes the "primary" research literature.

Professional advancement, at least at academic institutions,
is based on these publications.  Other works are considered
useful or interesting, but are much less important.

Your system is clearly not of this nature.  And it will be viewed
as merely another private web site that may have interesting
material, but more likely will be mostly idle speculation, far-
fetched hypothesizing, ...

The amount of "real" science that will appear would probably be
even less than the amount of "real neuroscience"  we get on
this bionet newsgroup supposedly devoted to neuroscience.

Of course I will get flamed for stating the reality of the world
of professional science.  There is definitely a place for the lay
public and interested "amateur" neurobiologists to propose
and discuss ideas and to have questions answered -- this
newsgroup is one of those places.

But you specifically want a place to search for "current scientific
research" and the primary literature is that place.

The Mindfetch Team <contact at mindfetch.net> wrote in message
news:388D33D1.56775AD3 at mindfetch.net...
> This is not an ad...well, maybe it is. But I am not looking for people
> to buy stuff, or to get them to click on the banners on my website.
> I started a project together with a few other students, because we felt
> that there is no reliable place on the web to look for current
> scientific research activities. Search engines return thousands of dead
> links or links to porn sites that have nothing to do with science.
> The project is absolutely non-profit (unless someone wants to give us
> money...) and still in developemnt.
> What we need are scientists and other reliable sources who would be
> willing to publish papers on the website. All rights would stay with the
> authors and the papers would not be edited for people with a Doctorate
> or a Masters Degree.
> Please take a look at our site and read the short introduction and
> decide for yourself if you want to help:
> http://www.mindfetch.net/
> We appreciate ANY comments, so drop us a line if you think our project
> is great (or not)....
> Thanks a lot,
>     The Mindfetch Team

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