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AoK...Re: Science in the News

kenneth Collins kpaulc at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 27 01:50:53 EST 2000

forgive me, please, but if you knew the Neuroscience, and if you'd actually
followed the long-term discussion (as is documented in the archives i keep), you'd
understand that things've been contrary to what you've posted, quoted below.

i can't repeat everything in every post.

K. P. Collins

Austin P. So (Hae-Jin) wrote:

> Ken...
> You're biggest difficulty in promoting your views not only lies with your
> inability to be concise, but more importantly lies in your inability to prove
> the validity of AoK by using it to *predict* behaviour. Anyone can use
> evidence/data *after* the fact to show that their theory is correct, and this
> is something that you *always* do. I have not once seen you go out on a limb to
> predict an outcome. You have only used what is published in the local rags, and
> say that "oh...well, AoK shows this and that". The ability to predict is the
> primary point of generating these kinds of models.
> In fact I can just use basic Taoist principles to do exactly the same thing
> that you are doing in AoK. To me it just looks like you are just applying
> Taoism applied to a dynamic system, except perhaps you are trying to convert it
> into mathematics. This in itself may actually be interesting, because at some
> level it appears that you are trying to develop ideas/equations based on forms
> rather than traditional reductionist principles that pervade science. But you
> seem to be, rather than contributing anything new, just replacing the jargon of
> taoism with the jargon of mathematics, and in many respects your very unique
> form of jargon.
> Maybe that is in itself okay...and in some ways I can see the need for
> that...but again, until you actually use your AoK to predict behaviour in a
> more quantitative way or predict a phenomenon that cannot be predicted using
> the models that exist today, then you are just contributing to the great big
> pile in the sky...
> But what do I know, right?
> Cheers
> austin
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