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Neuron-glia interaction - CROSS-THREAD CORRELATIONS

kenneth Collins kpaulc at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 28 09:03:19 EST 2000

please forgive me for wanting to keep this lengthy stuff together.

a set of articles in the 31Jan2000 _Newsweek_ stimmed realization with respect
to how head injury augments the precipitation of Alzheimer's.

head trauma always results, to some degree, in an increase in the relative
'randomness' (which is an elevation of TD E/I) of the on-going nerual
activation 'state'.

to the degree that this TD E/I(up) state does, in fact, persist,
activation-dependent trophic dynamics will correlate with the magnitude and
duration of this TD E/I(up) 'state'.

because the TD E/I-minimization dynamics are 'blindly' automated, to the
degree that micromods, correlated with the TD E/I(up) 'state', are, in fact,
procuced by activation-dependent trophic dynamics, they will constitute a
learned TD E/I(up) condition that has information-processing 'inertia', and
which can, although artificially induced during the head injury, be
self-perpetuating and self augmenting.

(this is just an injury-induced version of the relative-randomness that was
discussed re. aged 'boredom', quoted below.)

i saw a correlated report on TV news-magazine the other night (don't recall
the channel; i was working while 'watching') in which a high school American
football player received a concussion and returned to playing soon thereafter,
resulting in drastically-permanent injury. the question of head trauma via
soccer (International football) whas also raised.

the brain is a semi-fluid organ, kind of like 'pudding', and when there's
trauma to the head, it 'shifts' in compression & translation & torque. it's
the Geometrical distortedness that results in elevated TD E/I. to the degree
that the 'normal' topology is deviated from, TD E/I(up) occurs. to the degree
that the Geometry does not return to 'normal' the TD E/I(up) condition endures
while the TD E/I-minimization mechanisms perform information-processing work
in an effort to reestablish 'normal' functionality.

if the TD E/I(up) condition endures, it can become a 'nucleus' that, via
'normal' TD E/I-minimization dynamics, results in the brain being
artificially-induced to 'seek' TD E/I(up) instead of TD E/I(down), which, over
the long-term, would precipitate the symptoms of Alzheimer's.

this hypothesis can be verified via analysis of the occurrence of Alzheimer's
symptomology with respect to head-injured and non head-injured folks, with
careful 'interpolation' re. correalted recuperation 'times' that head-injured
folks actually experienced.

a positive correlation means is that all head trauma must be taken seriously,
and programs to assist in recovery, including adequate recuperation 'time',
and a deliberate focus upon exercising 'normal' functionality (reading,
walking, reaching, talking, etc.) be established.

k. p. collins

kenneth Collins wrote:

> as is always the case, my reading has stimmed a =Flood=.
> the first thing i'll discuss is as a result of my wanting to check out
> my position with respect to 'Genetics' being activation-dependence
> all-the-way-down.
> i've Confirmed such.
> the other day, while i was at the Library, i purchased several
> up-to-date texts, and have obtained, from them, the Confirmation.
> but, more-importantly, i've also Discerned that the stuff discussed in
> the texts is, relatative to the NDT-TH synhesis, 'archaic'. i was happy,
> however, to see that all of Biology has 'moved-toward' the NDT-TH
> position in the interval between the mid-1980s and the present, which is
> obvious in comparing the contents of my old texts with the contents of
> my new texts.
> at least there's been this Progress, i Dare to say, as a result of my
> Efforts to bridge Interdisciplinary gaps :-)
> anyway, my posts in the "Ivy" thread were, of course, made with the
> neurofibrilary 'tangles' of Alzheimer's Disease (AD) in-mind. (my
> discussion of conscious seeking of Novelty, in the "Cerebellar
> Degeneration" thread, is also relevant to what's in this post.)
> what's happening in AD is that 'Genetic' transcription is suffering from
> increased relative-randomness in a way that's specifically-correlated to
> the dynamics of transcription expression and repression via a =single=
> global regulatory variable.
> to 'cut to the chase' before explaining below, i'll disclose that this
> variable is TD E/I-minimization, as i've been discussing it all along.
> the good news is that, since the symptoms of AD can be induced
> experientially, they can also be ameliorated experientially.
> what's happening in AD is that 'Genetic'-transcription dynamics get
> switched-off prematurely be-cause global concentration gradients are
> ab-'normally' relatively-weak, which allows transcription dynamics to
> 'flip-flop' before their work is done.
> this condition results from relative-randomness within neural-activation
> 'states'.
> this relative-randomness within neural-activation 'states' results from
> the relative dearth of Novelty within the experiential external
> environments of folks as they age, and is a secondary consequence of the
> relatively impoverished 'states' into which elderly folks are forced by
> short-sighted Societal planning (to those who work devotedly on behalf
> of the elderly, don't 'panic'. there's a relatively-minor Educational
> adjustment that'll work Wonders within your
> already-Heroically-substantial efforts. it's just that there's been a
> 'piece' Missing. i'll eliminate that deficit below.)
> i'm up on this stuff be-cause of my involvement with my own elderly
> Father. i'm well-aware of the Heroic efforts that are made on behalf of
> the elderly. so don't 'panic'. and Please don't misconstrue the stuff of
> this discussion as a 'criticism' of your obviously-Heroic efforts on
> behalf of the elderly, which i've Witnessed with my own eyes while
> 'scouting' on behalf of my Father's Well-Being. Keep up the Good Work
> that you Do.
> the things i'm discussing reduce to the TD E/I-governed 'inversion'
> dynamics that are discussed in AoK, Ap4. when folks 'retire', most of
> them are forced to abruptly transition from open-ended incomes to fixed
> incomes. as is discussed in AoK, Ap4, this 'forces' them to undergo a
> relatively-profound behavioral 'inversion', which also includes
> relatively-profound 'rendering useless' (see all of AoK, but especially
> Ap8).
> the net effect of these behavioral inversion and rendering useless
> dynamics, and which i'm focussing upon in this discussion, is that it
> imposes a relative dearth of Novelty within the experiential realities
> of elderly folks.
> within the 'internal environments' (nervous systems) of the folks
> who're, so, forced to undergo inversion and rendering useless, the net
> result is that global TD E/I tends to become relatively-'flat' on a
> neural-activation vectored-power scale.
> that is, because the reduced finiancial circumstances, into which most
> elderly folks are forced, eliminate, in their existences, the
> practicallity of 'seeking' Novel experiential circumstances, the
> experience of folks subjected to such becomes increasingly-'boring' (see
> AoK).
> what augments the Tragedy inherent is that, in absence of an
> understanding of how nervous systems process-information, the dynamics
> tend to become strongly self-reinforcing be-cause, since the elderly
> folks involved do, in fact, suffer decreased Novelty, any Novelty that
> they do encounter tends to exceed the relatively-low TD E/I threshold
> that, as is explained in AoK, Ap5, is correlated with the generation of
> biological 'reward' ('pleasure'), and, since this 'reward'-generation-TD
> E/I(up) threshold is exceeded (because, due to the financially-'forced'
> behavioral inversion, what is 'normal' 'hovers' around
> interminable-'sameness'), external experiential environmental
> circumstances that formerly would have resulted in the occurrence of TD
> E/I that would've been sub-'reward'-gating threshold (again, see the
> section of AoK, Ap5 that discusses the hippocampal role in 'curiosity'),
> and which would have, therefore, resulted in the generation of
> biological 'reward', now =exceeds= the =experientially-determined=
> biological-'reward' threshold, which, as is discussed in AoK, Ap5
> (low-level amygdalar supersystem configuration), results in supersystem
> configurations (AoK, Ap5) that will configure the supersystem ('nervous
> system') so that behaviors that 'move away from' external experiential
> environmental sources of Novelty are manifested.
> which results in 'average' TD E/I becoming increasingly-'flat', all as a
> result of 'normal' TD E/I-minimization within nervous systems that do
> not contain understanding of how nervous systems process-information.
> and when such TD E/I-'flatness' is imposed upon a supersystem, the
> 'normal' highly-dynamic fluctuations of the energy gradients that are
> what TD E/I is, become even more dynamic, but immensely-less powerful
> with respect to their =normal= functionality in the driving of
> activation-dependent neural trophic dynamics.
> that is, our elderly folks descend into relatively-sustained TD E/I
> =randomness= in which all activations tend to be so relatively-weak that
> the 'normal' 'Genetic'-transcription dynamics get switched on and off
> relatively rapidly, with the result that =incompleted= transcription
> dynamics proliferate.
> all of this stuff is Confirmed in the gross and microscopic anatomy of
> post-mortem AD autopsy. the onset of the dynamics is focussed in
> entorhinal cortex, the gateway to the hippocampus, and spreads in
> =exact= accord with the discussion above (with respect to what's been in
> AoK, and the refs cited in AoK, all along).
> those who've knowledge of the constitution of 'neuritic plaques',
> 'paired helical filaments' and 'granulovacular bodies' will recognize
> =all= of their stuff as being the =sole= result of such incompleted
> 'Genetic'-transcription stuff 'just' piling-up, because, since the
> transcription dynamics are switched-off before they can run to
> completion, the stuff that's produced when such premature
> transcription-repression occurs is all useless =Junk=... =aborted=
> neural trophic stuff... =aborted= micromods.
> the 'tangles' of AD form for =exactly= the same
> experientially-determined, energy-flow, activation-dependent reasons
> that were discussed in the "Ivy" thread, with respect to the growth of
> the plants' 'stringy-clingy' things.
> the plant/Human morphological correlations to Universal wdb2t are all
> the =same stuff=.
> the 'bad news' is minimal. it is that the actual 'disease' in 'AD' has
> been Ignorance with respect to how nervous systems process-information.
> be-cause NDT's stuff has not been generally-comprehended, our elderly
> folks've not had the neural-dynamic wherewithal with which they could
> keep their hippocampally-mediated biological-'reward' thresholds
> adequately adjusted with respect to 'normal' Novelty (which is also
> plain-to-see in the increasingly relatively-'flat' affect of 'AD'
> Sufferers).
> 'you' See?
> it's what i've been saying all along (and what's been in AoK all along).
> "NDT's" understanding is a 'kit-of-tools' that imbues the supersystem
> with 'behavioral inertia' (AoK, Ap5), in the form of physically-real
> microscopic trophic modifications ('micromods') that are developed with
> specific respect to extracating nervous system function out of the grasp
> of the "Beast", Abstract Ignorance (the absence of understanding of how
> nervous system process-information via 'blindly'-automated TD
> E/I-minimization within nervous systems which, nevertheless, process
> information via 'blind' TD E/I-minimization).
> "NDT's" understanding =removes= the 'blindness', be-cause it exists as
> physically-real micromods that rewire the nervous system so that its
> functioning is lifted-up out of the grasp of the "Beast's" mercilessly
> 'blind' automation.
> with respect to the present, 'Alzheimer's Disease', discussion, what NDT
> points to is the Need to educate folks with respect to the Importance of
> =routinely= 'seeking' opportunities to experience Novelty.
> "NDT's" understanding makes such possible, by providing the
> understanding of the correlated neural dynamics, and, simultaneously, by
> allowing folks to comprehend the 'normal' external environmental
> 'pressures' and 'reactions' that they'll encounter as they do, in fact,
> =routinely= 'seek' opportunities to experience Novelty. such
> foreknowledge with respect to experiential probabilities, physically
> resets the hippocampal biological-'reward' activation threshold, and
> makes the 'seeking' of Novelty relatively-more-possible in a
> =physically-real= way that exists right in the micromods that encode an
> understanding of "NDT's" stuff within the nervous system. ("Forewarned
> is Forearmed." :-)
> what's more, the understanding goes a long way to eliminating the
> Tyranny of the financially-induced 'inversion' dynamics that were
> discussed above.
> if only one Understands how nervous systems process-information, given
> sufficient financial resources to feed and shelter one's self (which i
> understand, Sorrowfully, =is= a questionable thing for many elderly
> folks), if only one knows how to 'seek' Novelty, and Why doing so is an
> Absolute Imperative to one's mental well-being, one can do such at no
> cost greater than the cost inherent in being =Actively= Alive.
> look-and-see, it's the understanding, physically encoded within
> micromods within nervous systems, that makes the Difference.
> Inexpensive, but Priceless, Joy is "the understanding's" Gift.
> you 'doubt'?
> Please Forgive me if i have "Too Much Fun" while saying that it's what
> enables me to do Neuroscience with my nickel & dime collection :-)
> Novelty frees one from the grasp of 'flat' TD E/I, allowing one to
> experience the always-right-at-hand Treasure of Being-Alive.
> with respect to Sufferers of that which has been referred to as
> 'Alzheimer's Disease', it's 'too-late' for those who've endured lengthy
> decents into relatively-flat TD E/I, but =anyone= can be given the Gift
> of the understanding that's discussed in this post, and it's my hope
> that folks who are in positions to do so will do exactly that.
> folks who work with folks who are on their way to 'retirement', and
> folks who work with the elderly, can easily convey what's here to the
> folks with whom they work. all of the concepts discussed here are easily
> translated into gentle discussions of 'normal' behavioral dynamics that
> folks who still possess the ability to communicate can begin to
> comprehend, and with caring-nurturance, fully-comprehend at the level of
> 'normal' behaviroal dynamics.
> also, folks who work with the elderly can take the lead in working to
> assure the existence of routine, relatively-low-threshold Novelty in the
> environments in which they exist. (just remember to take individual
> behavioral propensities into account, and adjust amongst individuals
> accordingly.)
> it's not only the Lovingly-Sensible thing to do. since there are
> millions of our elderly who Suffer from what's been referred to as
> 'Alzheimer's Disease', and since their care is so needlessly
> financially-burdensome within Society's pool of general Medical-Care
> funds, it's also the Economically-Sensible thing to do.
> and, besides, those of us who survive to elderly years will all be
> confronted with the same dynamics.
> the Choice made possible by "NDT's" understanding is available to all of
> us, ready-and-waiting to Lift-us-Up.
> it's a Sorrow that what Children do 'naturally' is so routinely forsaken
> by Adults.
> so, why not get to-it?
> cheers, ken (K. P. Collins)
> [P. S. if there's anyone who wants to get into what's here in a more
> in-depth way with respect to Genetics, lead-on. my position is, as i've
> discussed, that it's activation-dependence 'all the way down', and, and
> since i've Confirmed such, that's what i'll continue to work to
> Demonstrate. KPC]
> kenneth Collins wrote:
> >
> > there is an electron-microscopy Tour de Force article in _Natur
> > Neuroscience_, v2 n2, Feb., 1999, p139, "Microdomains for neuron-glia
> > interaction: parallel fiber signalling to Bergmann glial cells", by J.
> > Grosche, et. al.
> >
> > although it deals with cerebellar fx, the stuff of this article Confirms
> > NDT's glia hypothesis, as it's briefly discussed in AoK, and which dates
> > from the mid 1970s.
> >
> > HURRAH+++***!!!
> >
> > beyond this Confirmation, the flat-out-obvious activation-dependence
> > that's disclosed in the stuff of this article is also cause for
> > celebration.
> >
> > NDT's hypothesis is that the 'elements' to which the article refers to
> > as 'microdomains' are structurally-configured in an activity-dependent
> > way.
> >
> > such is easily seen in (quoting from the article):
> >
> > "In cerebellar development, the Bergmann glial cell fibers are important
> > in guiding immature granule cells away from the external granular layer.
> > During granule cell migration, the glial cells processes are rather thin
> > and smooth, except for occasional bulges due to mitochondria. This
> > appearance changes dramatically as soon as the granule cells have
> > reached their target zone. Then, the stem fibers thicken and develop a
> > massive outgrowth of lateral branches."
> >
> > discussion: one can =see= the activation-dependence in all of this,
> > begining right in the DNA, deriving in the energy-flow assymmetry
> > resulting from the first mitosis, and extending throughout Life in
> > unbroken everywhere-continuous actavation-dependence.
> >
> > early cell proliferation is just following the energy-flow asymmetry
> > that results from early mitosis. cell-differentiation begins when each
> > cell's DNA-activation, by then-current energy-flow asymmetry in each
> > cell's vicinity, 'makes it easier' for intracelular dynamics to occur
> > than further mitosis.
> >
> > this 'interplay' between mitosis and intracellular development (cellular
> > differentiation) goes back and forth, =always= inaccord with 'momentary'
> > energy-flow dynamics.
> >
> > in the sentences quoted above, we enter the development of Bergmann glia
> > and their correlated neuronal 'buddy' cells at a relatively-advanced
> > stage of development.
> >
> > in this stage of development, the 'guidance' is =mutual= between glial
> > and neuronal cell types. each is 'just' doing the minimal-energy-flow
> > thing that results in their collective appositions. the granule cells go
> > with the energy-flow inherent.
> >
> > when one looks, one =sees= that the Bergmann cells' transition from thin
> > to massive varigation is triggered by the energy-flow dynamics that
> > result from granule cells' newly-occuring interactions with other stuff
> > in their target zones.
> >
> > in their discussions of manipulations of ionic conductances in
> > relatively-mature cells, the Authors have, in fact, nicely delineated
> > some of these energy-flow dynamics in their paper, although
> > 'unknowingly'.
> >
> > in 'mature' cells, ionic conductances are one-and-the-same with the
> > energy-flow dynamics that have been discussed above, and cellular
> > asymmetries, which embody information-processing capacities, develop as
> > a result of stuff 'just' going with the flow of energy.
> >
> > the Authors' paper is one of the most-Beautiful Neuroscience papers i've
> > ever studied. i 'found' only one common 'oversight' in it; a bit of
> > short-sightedness in interpreting in vitro dynamics with respect to the
> > in vivo reality.
> >
> > the 'compartmentalization' of the 'microdomains' that the Authors point
> > to is not as delineated as the Authors claim, because the functioning of
> > each such microdomain is, necessarily, coupled to the =overall=
> > activation dynamics, not just their local ionic conductances.
> >
> > that is, the microdomain functionality is somewhat analogous to
> > 'letters-of-an-alphabet' stuff, while overall functionality is like
> > 'words-sentences-paragraphs-books' stuff, with each microdomain
> > contributing its 'letters-of-an-alphabet' stuff within the overall
> > 'words-sentences-paragraphs-books' stuff, which means that there is,
> > necessarily, a global integration that 'couples' the
> > relatively-'discrete' microdomain functionality.
> >
> > the easiest way to see such is to just 'travel' with feed-forward and
> > feed-backward activation dynamics... it's all 'just' energy-flowing
> > toward TD E/I-minimization.
> >
> > and, since trophic dynamics are also rigorously-coupled to the
> > energy-flow dynamics, as was discussed above, all the way down to the
> > DNA, the trophic dynamics automatically imbue the activation dynamics
> > with 'memory' with respect to any energy-flow dynamics that is, in fact,
> > experienced.
> >
> > subsequent recurrence of 'similar' energy-flow dynamics automatically
> > invokes it's correlated former-energy-flow-driven trophic results, which
> > are the 'biological mass' that's briefly discussed in AoK, Ap5, which
> > exerts its 'behaviroal inertia' back upon the energy-flow dynamics,
> > which is the form of our extraordinarily-capacious activation-dependent
> > 'memory'.
> >
> > so the 'microdomains' are actually in communication with one another.
> >
> > it's activation-dependence all the way down.
> >
> > what imbues all of this with functionality is it's globally-rigorous
> > coupling with the 'special topological homeomorphism' of the nervous
> > system (see AoK), which is, in turn, rigorously-coupled with the
> > Universal energy-flow that is the one-way flow of energy from order to
> > disorder that is what's described by 2nd Thermo (wdb2t).
> >
> > deviations from wdb2t are detected in the form of TD E/I(up) within the
> > nervous system, with ensuing supersystem configuration (AoK, Ap5) that,
> > itself, is activation-dependent, via the 'special topological
> > homeomorphism', with respect to Universal wdb2t.
> >
> > what a Beautiful, strongly-confirming-of-many-things paper J. Grosche,
> > et. al. have produced!
> >
> > cheers, ken (K. P. Collins)
> >
> > [P. S. the stuff of every Neuroscience paper that's ever been published
> > can be discussed from the perspective of the stuff that's discussed in
> > this msg, and when such is done, the Science is =always= Advanced,
> > which, itself, stems from the fact of wdb2t. KPC]

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