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A challenge for Ken...Re: AoK...Re: Science in the News

kenneth Collins kpaulc at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 28 16:54:09 EST 2000

kenneth Collins wrote:

> except for posting the diagrams, i did everything you cite (quoted below) in 1975-6.
> if you've been monitoring the discussions, and if you've the understanding you claim, you must
> know that i've also done everything you cite (quoted below), except post the diagrams, right
> here in B.N, along with repeatedly offering to present everything in-person.

'course, i invented the Maths i use, as necessary, and i don't 'bother' with symbolic notation
because i understand what i'm doing.

but i've discussed everything in kenning-ed 'plain English', and have, in long former msgs in
another online Science 'place' asked for help with respect to 'translating' the Maths into a
traditional, symbolic, format (to no avail).

so, i offer to go in-person to present everything diagrammatically, which is actually the best way
to communicate anything, as far as i'm concerned.

in my posts, i try to 'paint pictures' using verbal symbolization... because it's most-universal.

so the stuff has been presented in AoK, and in prior posts, over and over again.

the main difference between 'traditional' stuff and NDT & TH is that NDT & TH work, and are
exceedingly-easy to move-forward in, because once the 'special topological homeomorphism' is
grasped, the rest to the symbolism involved is flat-out 'natural'.

k. p. collins

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