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Mon Jan 31 16:57:13 EST 2000

poly-l-lysine at 0.1 mg/ml left on for a couple of hours prior to
plating with cells seems to work pretty well.  The cells remain stuck
down even during rapid perfusion of the bathing media.

Don't forget to wash the polylysine off well before putting the cells on 
the coversips though.

On Mon, 31 Jan 2000,
Luke Sjulson wrote:

> Martin Weber wrote:
> > 1) Neurons don't grow very well on (poly-l-ornithine coated) GLASS
> > coverslips.
>     I've grown neurons for immunocytochem on poly-d-lysine coated
> coverslips.  It didn't work as well as on plastic, but it did work.
> Luke Sjulson
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Gary G Wilson

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