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an open letter to the President of the United States of America

kenneth Collins kpaulc at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 31 21:18:24 EST 2000

hi, Patrik. since you've brought up 'Cuba', i'll comment on one aspect
ot Elian's experience, and the whole 'Cuba/U. S. A.' thing.

my read is that, when Elian's Grandmothers came, recently, to the U. S.,
and met with various folks, no one allowed for the fact that all
correlated interaction among folks was 'biased' by the neural dynamics
that occur when folks are thrust into relatively-unfamiliar

judging from News reports pertaining to the Grandmothers' visit, this
'oversight' entered significantly into the the flow, and outcome, of the
interactive dynamics.

almost all of what transpired was founded in the biasing dynamic, and,
beyond J. Reno's courageous Thoughtfulness, very-little in Rationality.

this sort of analysis is a strong province of NDT, which exposes how
prejudice toward the familiar ('PTOFA') impinges-upon, interferes-with,
and redirects social interaction.

NDT's understanding makes the 'bias' readily-visible, thus, allowing
folks who've acquired the understanding, to escape the behavioral
'pressure' that correlates with the 'bias' that derives in PTOFA,
because nervous systems process-information in a way that's 'blindly'
automated via TD E/I-minimization.

i hope your observations, acquired while in Cuba, will be available, in
some way, Patrik.

ken (k. p. collins)

patrik bagge wrote:

> One has to admire KPC's 'energy'
> , right Dag ?
> As a balance it's enjoyable to (as a byreader)
> evaluate concrete comments
> (by, i assume, knowledgeable neuro folks)
> to KPC's bold claims.
> Yours
> Patrik Bagge
> P.S going to Cuba this thursday,
> pulling Castro's beard a bit...
> (i know this is definetly off topic,
> but i'm going to report back on what the
> cuban 'common' people think of the-man-with-the-beard)

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