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Eternal Life: Little pig, little pig, let me in.

The Flavored Coffee Guy elgersmad at email.msn.com
Sun Jul 16 07:37:40 EST 2000

    As a refrence please read this article about how the visible man, and
visible woman computer models were generated.

    In the human body, the most significant cells, and cell structures are
the neural cells, and their structure.  The dendrites have been proven to
the memory element of the mind.  This was proven by the mathematical models
and neural programs based upon neural nets developing as a result of
constructing 3D models of the behavior of neurons under a micrscope that
included the growth pattern of dendrites in respect to the bioelectric
impusles.  This makes the next step in reconstructing a human being, 100%
accurate 3D reconstruction of the neural net presented by the human mind as
a blueprint for life.  I believe that the individual is as different as
their genes, and fingerprints would dictate, and that no one model can
reproduce life for everyone.  Only one system, can systematically work for
everyone.  Each individual is their own blueprint, and the disection neural
network of the entire human mind, and body has to be picked appart under a
microscope, and reconstructed under another.  In electronics, logic circuits
in the boolean sense can use either transistor, or vacumm tubes, and either
is interchangable as a networked system or device if boolean operations are
the only goal.  Buffering doesn't imply that logic is impossible, and is no
point in any case of this matter.  A transistor can be used as an amplifier
by as much as a vacumm tube.  A 286 can run the same software as a 486, or
Pentium III but, the Pentium III will work much faster.   Comparing the 486,
and the Pentium III windows is the same in function, and feature but, on one
hand slower than on the other, and that is the only real difference.  Every
logical function is achieved.  Here's the point, every neural cell is
reponsible for every cognitive function,  conscience, and subconscience be
it a dream.  The objective is not bringing incompatable parts together but,
using the blueprint, in a disection unit similar to that which was used in
the visible woman, or visible man projects, to bring together compatable
parts, or replacement parts, if you will.  In this the ideal brain cell, or
neuron, is a basic model defined by the type of neuron being replaced.  By
assessing the details of chemical function deriving an electronic equvalent
that includes synaptic chemistry, and the chemical elements involved in the
firing of the neuronal cell body itself.  Measuring, and assessing the
difference, and distinction of the two, to define whether, the dendrites are
involved in the synaptic gap firing, without the neurons cell body firing,
and of which of what threshold relationships there are in the different cell
types all found in the gray matter of the brain in the sense of bio-electric
results.  In detail, when does the CREB cycle begin, at which bio-electric
levels do signals pass without dendrite growth, or is there such condition,
or threshold?  Which, are involved in the ready, and wait processes, to
answer the question as to which brain cells are involved in concentrating on
one subject.  Where the brain matter is scanned by a group of cells governed
by the midbrain, while remaining active on one topic, or train of thought,
and energized in a local area of the brain.  Without these details, the
model will not function as it did in life if reconstructed.

    In detail a spectrum analyzing microscope connected to a computer is
able to distinguish one cell type from another.  It would take three images
from different angles at the same focal length to construct a true 3D model
of any one cell, and at least one has to preform spectrum analysis to define
the exact neural cell type.  Muscle cells, are undenyably going to be
nano-machines, guided by the neural replacement parts.  Nano-skin is going
to bullet proof to the standard police round, and there is no way around
knowing this.  All we need to do is look for a complete parts replacement
table.  Heart, kidney, liver, intestinal tract are all expendable at this
point, and of no function.  In manner of speaking, those are biologically
functional organs, and the diet of replicant would be more towards something
highly acidic in the morning, and something highly alkaline in the evening,
and a nano-battery can be constructed from food stuffs.  So, you might need
still eat but, would have the edge of a rechargable battery, and a onboard
solar recharge system, that would give you an hour or so to find food.  A
cure to death, may not ever be genetic because, viruses evolve, and with
this also the bacteria.  A cure to death, is the ability to thrive in a
vacumm.  The ability to live comfortably in space.  Why can't this be a
scientific project, goal, or organized ulimatum.  Putting a man on the moon
is but, a baby step compared to what we know we can achieve with this level
of technology.  On man could live long enough to travel to the farthest end
of the galaxy, and return.  Why be trapped as intellegent as this race is,
on this planet to become Fertilizer for a tree in a graveyard?!  Why accept
the losses that a death in the family would force you to accept, when
technology, and team work can destroy the potential of a personal loss in
this age?  I'm on a mission from God, fuck theology.  Use your God, given
intellegence and relate to this.  If your life is so unworth living, and
this world so unworth saving, would God's judgment put us to the test as to
whether this world was worth saving based upon whether we would save it
granted, or given the means ourselves as a world, a people, mankind, a race?
If abortion is wrong, how could anyone be right to destroy the future by
destroying the environment to kill so many unborn generations?  I know my
hate group, that wasn't there for any scientific minds.

The Flavored Coffee Guy.

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