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As a refrence please read this article about how the visible man, and
visible woman computer models were generated.

 In the human body, the most significant cells, and cell structures are
the neural cells, and the dendrites that interconnect them. The dendrites
have been proven to
the memory element of the mind. This was proven by the mathematical models
and neural programs based upon neural nets developing as a result of
constructing 3D models of the behavior of neurons under a micrscope that
included the growth pattern of dendrites in respect to the bioelectric

Click here to examine a model of a neuron in greater detail:

 The next step in reconstructing a human being is the dissection process.  A
100% accurate 3D reconstruction of the neural net as presented by the actual
human brain, the blueprint is constructed as the cornerstone of Eternal
life.  I know that each individuals mind is as different as their genes, and
fingerprints would indicate, and that no one precision model can reproduce
life of another or work for everyone.  Although, one system can
systematically copy anyone.  Just like a specialized copy machine can copy
the entire contents of a color magazine.  Each individual is their own
blueprint for life in parts replacement scheme, and the disection of the
entire neural network of a human mind, and body has to be picked appart
under a microscope one cell at a time, and reconstructed under another
automated microscope.  In electronics, logic circuits in the boolean sense,
can use either transistors, or vacumm tubes.  Either is interchangable as a
networked system or device if impedance matching, operating voltages, and
biasing are taken into account.  In exchanging vacumm tubes with transistors
where boolean operations are the only goals modeled by a logic circuit.
Simplifying the comparison is to say, a transistor can be used as an
amplifier or a switch, and function as well as a vacumm tube in either case.
Another comparison, would be to compare 286 runing the same software as a
486, and a Pentium III.  The Pentium III will work much faster Windows
operates based on the same conventions, has the same functions, and features
but, on each machine is faster or slower than the other, which, is the only
difference.  Using any one of the CPUs every
logical function is achieved.  Whereas, the human mind is a neural network,
and much more difficult to model as a muliple element three dimensional
structure.  Every neural cell is reponsible for every cognitive function of
conscienceness, and subconscience state be it love, or a dream. The
objective is not bringing incompatable parts together in a biological
structure but, using the blueprint in a disection unit similar to that which
was used in the visible woman, or visible man projects, to bring together
compatable parts, nano-electronic, and nano-mechanical replacement parts.
In this there is no one ideal brain cell, or neuron in the basic model.
There would be a group of basic cell models defined by neural cell type
which would each would replace.  Assessing the details of chemical functions
to derive the programmed electronic equvalents that take into full account
synaptic chemistry, and the chemical elements involved in the firing of the
neural cell body itself, and defining it as a basic model minus the
dendrites.  The dendrites are where the 3D modeling becomes absolute and is
an issue of the relationship of conductivity and dendrite thickness.  The
thicker the lower the resistance to a signal generated by a neighboring
neuron.  This would model the activity of the past at the biological level
of the results of past bio-electric impulses, and the effect of thickening
dendrites as a response to the learning process bound to those growth
directing impulses.  A nano-bot is programmed to do the job of hormons, CREB
and do the work that the cell would have done if it were a live, and build
the dendrite connections and build up the thickness of the dendrites in
response to electrical impulses within the new all nano system.  Measuring,
and assessing the bio-electric behavior becomes imparitive to defining basic
neural cell types.  Finding the distinct characteristics of the neural cell
bodies in relation to the bio-electric impulses found on living dendrites, a
primary factor.  Deterimining which are involved in the synaptic gap firing
without the neural cell body firing, another potential possiblity that must
be examined.  Establishing which impulses do or do not effect the axiom
output, and of which of what threshold voltage relationships there are in
the process of labeling the different conditions that are common to
different basic neural cell types which are found in the human brain. We
must define the relationship of bio-electric impulses, and the response of
each type of neuron to those bio-electric impulses.  In detail the known
bio-electric voltage where the CREB cycle remains inactive, and begins is
critical to when the simulated growth by nano-construction should occure.
Which, neurons are involved in the ready, and wait processes, answers
questions about how brain cells are involved in concentrating on one
subject. Without these details, the model of the entire human mind will not
function as it did in life if reconstructed.

In detail a spectrum analyzing microscope connected to a computer is able to
distinguish one cell type from another.  By taking three images from
different angles at the same focal length a 3D model of any one cell is
generated in the computer.  One of the images is then sampled to preform
spectral analysis in the process of defining which neural cell type by the
exact chemical colors involved.  Muscle cells, are undenyably going to be
replaced by nano-machines, and guided by the nano-neural replacements.
Nano-skin is going to be bullet proof against the standard police round, and
there is no way around knowing this.  All we need to do is define the
complete parts replacement table.  The heart, kidney, liver, intestinal
tract are all expendable considering the true task.  At this point the old
organs are of no true function or nessity.  In a manner of speaking, those
are biologically functional organs, and the diet of replicant would be more
towards something highly acidic foodstuff in the morning, and something
highly alkaline in the evening.  During the day, a nano-battery would be
constructed from typical food stuffs, in a relationship that is similar to a
potato battery. So, you most likely will still have the need to eat but,
would have the edge that goes with carrying a rechargable battery, and a
onboard solar charging system that's built in.  It's concievable that this
backup system would give you an hour or so to find food.  A cure to death
will never be genetic, or the result of genetics because, viruses evolve,
the genes themselves evolve, and with this, also the bacteria.  A cure to
death, is the ability to thrive in a vacumm, or more pleasantly, the ability
to live comfortably in space.  Why can't this be a scientific project, goal,
or organized ulimatum of science, and the scientific community?  Putting a
man on the moon is but, a baby step technologically compared to what we know
we can achieve with todays level of technology. On man could live long
enough to travel to the farthest end of the galaxy, and return. Why be
trapped as intellegent as this race is?  Why remain
on this planet to become Fertilizer for a tree in a graveyard?!   Why accept
the losses that death in the family would force you to accept, when
technology, and team work can destroy the potential of a personal loss in
this technological era?

Artificial nano-muscle link:

 At this link there is a nano-switch that is so small, that only a sugar
molecule can be compared to it.  In the same sense of speaking, it's smaller
than a protien.  If a three dimensional structure is used to construct a
386, or a 486s logical architecture by stacking the transistors up, the
computer itself would be comparable to a virus under a microscope pending
upon the three dimensional arrangement of parts.

Have a nice day,
The Flavored Coffee Guy.

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