Request about " Sensitive Polyneuropathy "

Raoul CLEINGE raoul.cleinge at
Sun Jun 4 16:42:03 EST 2000

Six month ago I have contracted a "Sensitive Polyneuropathy" and I'm still 
suffering from it.
The medical testing that I have followed says that it may be due to a virus.
The symptoms are principally a lost of sensitivity in the limbs, but also an

excess of sudation and from time to time some muscular spasms.
It first begins in the lower limbs (the feet), than after it came up until 
half of the pelvis as well as in the forearms including the fingers.
Does anyone suffering from the same symptoms or having knowledge in it (for 
example: doctors) could contact me to exchange information about the 
evolution of the illness. Or, if you could direct me to a specialised 
hospital, doctors or laboratory (for example: specialised in virus) that 
could handle this illness.
Thank you very much for taking time reading this and for your help.

My E-mail: raoul.cleinge at

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