The Body Electric (book)

Matt Thompson thompson at
Wed Jun 7 10:13:40 EST 2000

This book does contain scientific information.  It contains quite a bit of
interesting studies Dr. Becker and others have performed with electricity,
regeneration, the healing mechanism, brainwaves, etc.  It's one of the few
books of this type I've found that backs up claims with good studies, and I
would highly recommend it.  He seems to have done a lot of good work that
nobody has continued, and it seems as if there is still potential in some of
the work he was doing.
He also wrote a more recent book called Cross Currents, and although there
is a little more speculation, he tries to get to the bottom of the
controversy over whether Electromagnetic fields can cause a biological
effect.  This is probably why you see the book for sale in some new age
magazines.  He says EMF's probably don't directly cause cancer, etc. but
they can stress the body and immune system, increasing susceptibility to
illness.  He still bases most conclusions off of studies that have been
done; it's just that the studies and the nature of the book's content are
more controversial.

Both of these books make for some very interesting reading.

Hope this was helpful,


mr huh <mrhuh at> wrote in message
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> Has anyone read this book by Dr. Robert O. Becker and Gary Selden?
> Does it have real, scientific information or is it a new-agey kind of
> thing?

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