adhesives for testing equipment??

Dave Sokal maxsok at
Wed Jun 14 07:53:40 EST 2000

"Steve Thomas" <sthoma20 at> wrote in message
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> Have you tried clear silicone?
> The kind that generates acetic acid as it cures, NOT silicone II.
> It is supposed to be innocuous when cured although not for actual
> ingestion.
> ( I am assuming the adhesion doesn't have to take place inside the
> mouth. )

You can get clear slicone sealant designed for use in fish tanks which does
not contain any nasty antibacterials/antifungals found in some other
sealants.  You should find it in your local fish tank.  We have used this in
cell culture and hippocampal neurones are unaffected by its presence on the
culture surface.


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